19 Foods + Eight Techniques To Lose The Flab On A Raw Vegan Diet

19 Foods + Eight Techniques To Lose The Flab On A Raw Vegan Diet preview. Click for more details

19 Foods to Lose Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet + Eight Techniques To Be Full On Less – live on alive

I know your struggles trying to optimize a raw food diet. You don’t feel as great as you thought you would, you might be hungry all the time, and worse: you still haven’t lost all the weight you wanted to lose on this diet. I know this because I have been there myself. But in just a few moments, those struggles will be a memory.In this article, my goal is to show you how you TOO can lose most of those stubborn remaining pounds while eating satisfying, delicious raw meals.Lets face it, eating a raw food diet doesnt guarantee you the shape of your dreams.In fact, some raw vegans look like normal-looking folks not too much excess but still with a dozen or so pounds to be lost (I was one of them). And the major reason behind that is hunger, pretty much like on any diet.But hunger is also why many people fail just to STAY on raw veganism, forget about getting in your best shape!So, for most people getting in their shape (or near that) when eating raw becomes a double challenge.Thats because to feel satisfied on raw veganism they stuff themselves with sweet fruits and fat. Because fruits digest quickly and fats provide little satiety, they have little control over their hunger, and hence feeling of fullness. As a result, they often overeat sweet fruits and fats, and end up eating more calories than they used to on a cooked-food diet! In addition, excessive intake of fat in the long run directly slows down, and even resists their flab loss efforts due to increased insulin resistance, slower metabolism, and other things.Not only that.Because they base their meals on sweet and fatty foods, they also tend to exercise less than on a cooked-food diet! This is because: Overeating fresh fruits and dried fruits makes you physically uncomfortable to exercise. With the food belly, you just feel like skipping or shortening your workouts. Raw sweet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis also drain you out, leaving you with less energy after meals. Overeating fatty food makes you biochemically uncomfortable to exercise the majority of fats need to go through over 20 steps to be digested, your body tires out, and as a result, you have little energy to exercise.Overeating + less exercise on raw veganism = difficulty losing remaining pounds on a raw vegan dietThe good news is that these excess pounds don’t really make you overweight. These are a dozen or so pounds that separate you from the shape of your dreams.You just ate a perfectly raw breakfast. This smoo[…]
19 Foods to Lose Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet + Eight Techniques To Be Full On Less – live on alive

How to Finally Lose Those Annoying Last Pounds On a Raw Vegan Diet While Feeling Full and Satisfied for Hours After Every Meal! By Margarita Ivaniuk I know your

This Program Is For Those Who Have Trouble Losing The Remaining Pounds On A Raw Vegan Diet. I Provide Targeted Foods And Techniques That Enable Flab Loss Without Too Much Effort And While Eating Satisfying, Delicious Raw Meals.

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