20 Years Younger. Over 60 Therapies That Will Change Your Life

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20 Years Younger – Entirely Based on Science

The quest for youth and immortality has always been one of the wildest dreams of humanity. Immortality has been sought throughout the world by millions of both genders. Statistics show that about 100,000 people die each day from aging. Each year over $160 billion are spent on finding the fountain of youth. Lifespan has been driven up for the past century and according to statistics, in 2050 the number of people 60 years or older will be approximately 2 billion, compared to less than a billion today.There are cases when people with genetic anomalies start aging too fast and there are cases of people, who start growing backwards once they hit a certain age. An example of that is the sensational case of the Japanese woman Say Senagon from Fukoka, who started getting younger once she turned 75. This happened in the nineties of the last century. Fist her gray hair turned to black. Then her gums started to bleed and she could not wear her dentures turned out she had new teeth growing. Say started having strong sexual desires, her wrinkles disappeared, her skin became smooth and no one was able to recognize her. She also resumed her menstrual cycle soon after. Say divorced her husband of 50 years and married a 40 year old man. Soon after, she even had a child. People in Japan wanted to know how she regained her youth and there were detectives following her all over who reported what she ate, how she exercised, slept, etc. She later got examined in the Institute of gerontology and it got clear that what caused her unusual aging backwards was a natural process in her body.Long life however is not that great when you sacrifice the social part of it in order to live long and stop doing many things that you enjoy. Have you noticed that most people want to stay away from individuals who are obsessed with eating in a certain way or being slaves to different extreme diets and rituals. Once you lose the fun part of life, and stop enjoying it, your body stops helping you look younger, because your mind doesnt enjoy the process and anything you dont really enjoy doesnt work.There have been so many studies conducted on almost everything and the more studies come out to life, the more of them simply contradict each other. The University of Harvard for example will conclude that this and that is good, while Stanford University researchers will swear into exactly the opposite outcome. As a result, we all get confused on what is good for us and what is not. Many studies that te[…]
20 Years Younger – Entirely Based on Science – 20 years younger

20 Years Younger – Over 60 Therapies From Around The World Based on Science, Designed to Make you 20 Years Younger. Stem Cells, Human Plasma, Telomeres, etc

The Most Informative Book You Will Find On Therapies People Have Used For Centuries Around The World To Look Decades Younger. All Based On Scientific Studies. You Will Learn What Are The Newest Anti Aging Therapies And What Is Coming Up In The Pipeline.

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