21 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan – Ultimate Keto

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21 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan - Ultimate Keto preview. Click for more details

Ultimate Keto Meal Plan

If you suffer from FEELING EXHAUSTED ALL THE TIME…if you are TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT if YOU HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING in the book about health and fitness but still cant seem to feel energized or get that super-lean body youve always wanted then this message is just for you. Heres whyYou can now follow me along on this short little mind trip into the deepest depths of dieting and LEARN HOW TO BECOME A FAT BURNING MACHINE full of abundant energy all the time.And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with thisIf you ignore this message, your LACK OF ENERGY will ONLY GET WORSE and youll keep stacking up those pounds.What most people do when facing body fat problems or hitting a slump is…TRY EVERY NEW WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM OUT THERE.New "superfoods" that have no real effect New exercise protocols that drain the last drop of energy from your soul and make you hate yourself NEW WAYS OF STARVING YOURSELF and going insane in the head New cardio circuits that make you SPEND HOURS AND HOURS ON A TREADMILL without getting the results youre after it literally feels like youre running in one spot, trust me Ive tried it and I dont like it at all. AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. But for most people, none of that works.And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what youve been doing?And you will KEEP CARRYING THOSE EXTRA POUNDSAND UNABLE TO ROLL OUT OF BED BECAUSE OF HAVING ZERO ENERGY. And when people ask you, you mutter something along the lines of BAD GENES or NO TIME TO BE HEALTHY.Ive got an answer that works.When I got into lifting weights and bodybuilding, I initially followed the regular dogmatic meal plan 6 small meals a day with low fat and high carbs.Did it work? A little but I didnt feel at my best on it and I knew that there had to be a much better wayAfter I finished my military service (I was a sniper, hooaaa!) I started practicing ancestral ways of eating like PaleoLoved it but I was still eager to optimize my nutrition even further.Then I stumbled (literally, I accidentally found) upon THE KETOGENIC DIET.What is it?The ketogenic diet is a low carb high fat diet that mimics the physiology of fasting by shifting your body into a state of NUTRITIONAL KETOSIS.Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body has shifted from burning glucose as its primary fuel source into using ketone bodies to do so.Ketosis is your bodys inner mechanism for turning your own stored body fat THOSE EXTRA FLABS OF FAT youre carrying around yo[…]
Ultimate Keto Meal Plan – Siim Land

Ultimate Keto is a 21 day keto meal plan that will put you into ketosis. There are 40+ recipes for all courses – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…

All The Information About Ketosis And How To Start A Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet. The Product Includes All Of The Foods Eaten With Specific Macronutrient And Caloric Values. There Is A 21-day Meal Plan With Exact Quantities Of What To Eat And When.

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