8 Laws For Men By Simon D Allen

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Over that Christmas break I had a bit of time to think and realized that I had three options:Their lucrative businesses, their jet-setting lifestyles, and I envied how it easy it all seemed for them.I looked at the success of my rich friends.I now spent my nights sleepless, feeling crushingly lonely, and trying to work out a solution to my situation.And Id done a good job for a while, better than most – which made it harder to bear.To put myself last and provide formy familys every need and wish.To earn a good living, find a wife, settle down and make a family.Id grown up and been taught that my purpose in life was to be strong, capable, to solve all problems.I felt like a total failure, a waste of space as a man, no use to anyone …I missed my wife and other two kids – Christmas-time seemed to amplify my pain.Id provided him with a decent Christmas, but I was breaking inside.We sat at one end of the table together enjoying our food.I got busy in the kitchen and created a Christmas dinner for two.The next morning my son was was pleased with his gift – just what he wanted.We went into a local market and the traders were selling off their stock – a tree for $1.50, lights and other decorations for another $10.At 5pm on Christmas eve, just minutes until the stores closed for the holidays my son and I had to hurry.Jubilation, I bought a small turkey crown, vegetables, and other ingredients for our Christmas dinner.Then on Christmas Eve I got paid a for a bit of work Id done.But we had notree or festive decorationsin the house.I managed to scrape enough cash for a video console and game for my 13 year old boy.Then Christmas came around and I had to provide something good for my youngsters.I did manage to keep a roof over my head – justIm finding it difficult to do justice to the chaos in my life and the emotional battering I was experiencing.She ran away from her moms one day.My daughter wanted to stay too, but she was so young she found it hard to resist her mother’s wishes.He was the one light in the dark that kept me going, without him Id have gone underMy elder son refused to go with her, he was staying no matter what.To live with a guy shed been cheating with.Then my wife announced she was moving out and taking the kids with herWe were much reduced in circumstances by then, living in a tiny rented house, having to choose between heating or food – it was BAD .And no matter what I did it just got worse.The downward slope was slippery, things just seemed to g[…]
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