A D H D Reframed! Discover A D H D Strengths Cast In The Right Career

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A D H D Reframed! Discover A D H D Strengths Cast In The Right Career preview. Click for more details

Reframe ADHD! Discover ADHD Strengths and Abilities! Cast Them in the Right Career! | ADHD Reframed!

As a perfect layman in the world of psychology and psychiatry, I enjoyed the hell out of reading ADHD Reframed! by Dr. Patricia Lloyd. An informative, refreshing look at a mysterious subject for the average person.Interests are inspired; abilities are inborn and always there. Something for thinking people also in Dr. Lloyd s book!As to style, Patricia Lloyd, PhD presents an engaging, entertaining, humorous, informative book on ADHD for the average, person-on-the-street. She cleverly avoids technical jargon to get her point across without scaring off the average reader. Very effective. As to content, not sure what contrast she is trying to draw between ADHDers andwell, therein lies the rub. Should we think of all ADHDers as nurturing, caring, imaginative, creative contributors to the social well being, or are there other examples that might prove the generally accepted negative perception? We dont know what Lloyd has to say in that regard because she never brings it up. According to her account, society has simply gotten it wrong all these years, that is, the general (read professional) negative understanding of ADHD, especially when it comes to career choices, is simply off the mark. She contends the general perception of ADHD is wrong because it just leaves out too much that is positive. On the other hand, her purpose is quite clear. Lloyd aims to show that ADHD can be understood as a positive, exhilarating, and fulfilling experience. In addition, the way she takes on the DSM surely goes a long way to show that we (professional or not) label things according to how we perceive them. In other words, if we perceive ADHD (or any other experience for that matter) as a negative (which no one should disagree that the DSMs characterization of ADHD is cast in negative terms as Lloyd points out more than once), then that is the way we will describe such experiences. But, if we see something in a positive sense, well, the description is likewise predictable.To put it that way, however, leaves unresolved the main issue. Namely, how should we perceive and understand ADHD in society, education, and career possibilities? That is exactly what Lloyd sets out to do, and does it in spades. In addition, she provides some free resources for personal exploration and insight, whether ADHD or not. Very much worth the short read, especially for ADHDers. Joseph R. Stackhouse, PhD Instructor University of Tennessee Knoxville, TNDr. Lloyd has provided a concise, entertaining, fast[…]
Reframe ADHD! Discover ADHD Strengths and Abilities! Cast Them in the Right Career! | ADHD Reframed!

Adhd Reframed! The First & Only Resource To Sort Out, Reframe, And Recast The Ego-slashing, Self-esteem Hacking & Career Crippling Labels Slapped On Adhd. A Chance To Change Lives, Careers & Perception Of Adhd. Easy Sell. Affiliate Tools. Credible Author.

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