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The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food ABC For Dog Owners

My heart goes out to all of the dog owners not feeding their pets right. Its not late yet to change the eating habits and save your dog. The biggest problem here is that folks are unaware of the most vital aspects of raising a pet. How to feed them, how to take care of if you know what youre doing, its so much easier! I think ABC For Dog Owners is a must for every dog owner out there.My dog was in a bad shape. We had to visit the vet so often but even there we didnt always get best information. Many vets seem to do their job only for income and we have changed our vet couple of times. Though Im in my 50s already my dog seemed to be even older. Now I need to keep up with him. He is so much alive. Food plays important role in life, now I get it.They dont say healthy eating matters for nothing. It does matter! Oh boy how much it matters. But eating habits was only one thing we learned from the ABC. Another great success was when my dog stopped barking at nights. Im pretty sure my neighbors even like the book more than I do though they havent read it, probably.Im going to reveal the shocking truth about pet food industry, truth that could save your dogs life.There are thousands of dead dogs, cats, horses, sheep, pigs, rats and others brought every day to the rendering plant floor. Remains of their bodies are waiting to be processed.After this long process of recycling, thousands of pounds of the unsavory mass is shipped across America and also to rest of the world, to be prepared for dogs, cats and other animals. The food gets packed, decorated with nice labels and put out to shelves of supermarkets.With those dead animals lots of unwanted contaminants are processed. Therefore, rendering plants are inevitably processing toxic waste.Things that shouldnt be part of pet food but unfortunately end up in the process are flea collars of dead animals, pesticides from tainted livestock, heavy metals like mercury from fish oil, different pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, surgical pins and needles, even different plastic objects from animals all mixed up in rendering plants.Then imagine what gets into pet food paper, plastic even whats left over from processing human food, usually classified as not eligible for food.The main sources of raw materials being used to make legal dog food:You probably agree by now that the pet food industry is just a way to profit from uneatable waste thats left over from humans. Being on the dark side of recycling, the pet food industry uses[…]
The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food – ABC For Dog Owners

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