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Dave Skarica’s Addicted to Profits Premium Members Subscription

SUBSCRIBE TO THE ADDICTED TO PROFITS PREMIUM MEMBERS SERVICE I believe we are seeing a major inflection point in history. These type of inflection points only happen once ever few generations it is a major shift in the power structure of society. In the thirties there was a shift from markets and financiers on wall street to government and politicians under the policies of FDR. In the seventies and eighties there was a shift to deregulation, globalisation and a Wall Street driven economy. I believe that with the Brexit vote last year and the election of Trump we are moving towards a populist driven shift to more government power and less centralized power from Wall Street and the Central banks. This shift will begin to change the nature of markets and they will become more volatile even if right now they are super calm. We have specific risk management trades that will profit from this change. One of our major themes for the coming years is Hypernormlisation. Hypernormalisation was a term used to describe the Soviet Union in the late seventies. At that time most people in the country no longer believed in their system but just went along with it and its fakeness cause they did not know anything else and did not know what would happen if hte system collapsed. This is what has happened to us in the west, in the the financial markets. We now believe in QE, stock buybacks and a fake stock market pitted on cheap money rather than internal growth. However, the coming shift in policies is going to change this into a new normal and end the fakeness. One result is that gold will rise. And it is already starting to go up with the right gold mining stocks set to soar. You already have seen uranium stocks shoot up this year to show you what happens when money goes into small sectors like this. Here are some basic points on how we plan on profiting from the new normal: 1. In a overvalued stock market you must be careful in chasing everything. So we will buy cheap beat up companies that can rebound no matter how the market does in the short term. We have five such companies we recommend buying at the moment and a new IPO issue that we will feel will be a growth company as well (which is in a recession proof business). 2. We will short companies that are in industries that will have a tough time adjusting in this new normal and companies that have used financial leverage too growth through M and A or prop up earnings through buybacks as we feel that long term corporate i[…]
Dave Skarica’s Addicted to Profits Premium Members Subscription

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