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DISCOVERED: THE SOLE IMPEDIMENT TO AN AGELESS BRAIN PLUS 3 KEY INSIGHTS ON HOW TO OVERCOME ITNo drug will ever stop dementia from first making Swiss Cheese of your memories, then your brain. But this natural protocol based on 3 recent neuroscience discoveries just might be able to do itAllow me to tell you a story about the impending premature death of your brain and what you might be able to do to avoid it.If you are over the age of 45 years damage to the delicate machinery of your brain has likely already begun, though you will certainly remain unaware of what is happening to you for quite some timeBy likely I mean that out of every 5 women who have reached 45 years of age, one will not only go on to develop dementia, but in the final years of her life she will experience all the horrors we associate with a brain-destroying bout of Alzheimers disease.Men, because they tend not to live as long, do a little better in this regard. They will be sentenced with Alzheimers at about one half the rate of the women.In recognition of the dire implications of this new normal for aging of the human brain a handful of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world recently went to war on your behalfAmong them, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Biogen.Each assembled a team of their best and brightest.Leading scientific minds, similarly directed to an all out effort to blunt the effect of the number one cause of:Each of these companies, despite their enormous financial and scientific resources, impressive drug-discovery successes of the past, and the lure of future prescription drug riches beyond anything Wall Street investors could possibly imagine, in their bid to engineer a drug to combat dementia [Refs. 1,2].With each tanked effort the lesson hammered home has been that while clinical trials for prospective cancer drugs come back with a sliver of good news at least half the time [Ref. 3], for promising drugs that would fight dementia the final drug approval rate is closer to 4 in every one thousand hopeful compounds tested [Ref. 4].Even then, the drugs approved so far for medical use combat only the of cognitive decline, and the root cause. In other wordsSo big pharma has all but given up on ever being able to find a cure for this dreadful condition that robs people of their dignity as it extinguishes their minds. In short, these companies have given up on YOU.By rights, you should be upset about this. VERY upset.Because now youre effectively on your own.If you have[…]
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