Algorithmic Trading With Matlab – Video Course

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We are the team of developers of the WFAToolbox, and if we sum up our work experience in hedge funds, algorithmic strategies and software development companies, own developments and researches on this issue, then one life of the average American person is not going to be enough to contain it. After plurality of trials and errors, we have found that MATLAB is the best instrument for creation of algorithmic trading strategies of any complexity for today. Therefore we created special WFAToolbox application, which gives to those, who want to create their own successful trading strategy (or create highly profitable portfolio of strategies), possibility of doing that in the shortest time and in the most convenient form, receiving stable results and possibility of detailed analysis and research.[…]
Algorithmic Trading with MATLABĀ® – Video Course

Video Course That Will Make You The Guru of Advanced Algorithmic Trading

Video Course That Will Make You The Guru Of Advanced Algorithmic Trading. High Conversions, Unique Product!

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