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How to lose weight without a diet

Stop searching for that miracle diet and start working on the real cause of your overweight situation.Did you ever tried a well-known diet to help you lose some weight? Have you ever tried more types of diet and still didnt get your desired weight? If you lost the extra weight, did you manage to keep that new weight at least for a few years? If you are always getting back that extra weight, did you ever asked yourself why is that happening?After 5 years of working with overweight people, Anca Fota had discovered that the overweight situation is just a symptom for many unsolved problems in peoples lives. If the real cause is not truly identified and solved, even if people lose weight, the extra weight always comes back. That is why only following a diet is not enough.Even after discovering and healing the real cause of the overweight, you need to have in mind that there are many other principles that have a great impact in weight loss, not only the diet. Anca managed to identify those principles while working with lots of people and actually seeing what works and whats not.This book will help you: To ask yourself some good questions about you and your life; To find the real cause of your overweight situation; To find your real motivation for weight loss; To discover the 7 principles with the most impact on weight loss; To make your own meal schedule and your perfect diet, based on your preferences; To lose the extra weight, in your own rhythm, without the stressful supervising of a nutritionists; To create your own lifestyle that will allow you to maintain your normal weight for life.Actually, this book will help you understand that you need to take responsibility for your life, stop complaining and start acting towards your dreams.[…]
How to lose weight without a diet –

Anca Is Specialized In Nutrition And She Worked For More Than 5 Years, 1 To 1, With People Who Needed To Lose Weight. She Is A Young But Very Experienced And Dedicated Professional In Her Field, Who Has Helped Many People To Lose Weight.

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