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Thankfully though, its really easy to diffuse otherwise boiling over situation when you know even just a handful of tips to help you with your anger management and thats exactly the kind of inside information you are going to find below.Lets dive right in! Give yourself a 10 second rule Its really, really easy to lose your cool and say some pretty hurtful and terrible things in the heat of the moment, and the worst thing is that these kinds of outbursts can have long-lasting impacts on some very special relationships going forward. To help clip the wings of your rage, make sure that you practice the 10 second rule as best you are able to. If you feel yourself boiling over, stop, pause, and wait 10 seconds before you respond with ANYTHING. The odds are great that youll slam the door completely on something that you might have said otherwise, avoiding all kinds of anger, frustration, and hurt feelings that can last years because of a sudden outburst.Take time to calm down and THEN explain your frustration Really getting into why you are so upset WHILE you are upset has been scientifically proven to only ramp up the angry emotions you are already feeling. This is like adding jet fuel to a bonfire its only going to make things flareup even worse, cause the anger to burn even hotter, and shorten your fuse significantly. What you want to do instead is avoid explaining your anger or your frustration at all while you are actually mad. Give yourself plenty of time to cool down however much time you might need and then explain why you were angry in the first place as clearly, as calmly, and as concisely as possible.This gives you complete and total control over the situation, lets you figure out why you were so angry in the first place, and helps you have conversations about your anger and these triggers with people in a way that makes it a lot easier to avoid these kinds of situations in the future.Anger management practices like these arent necessarily effortless to implement overnight, not by any stretch of the imagination. But they are effective and will work if you practice them whenever your temper starts to flare.[…]
Anger Management

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