Approaching Women – The Easy Method

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How to be successful by doing the obvious thing!Do you want to know the secret to be successful with woman?Focus only on women who are interested in you.And do you know why most of the time you are NOT successful with women?You will be surprised by the answer to this question: Its because you try to pick-up women who are NOT interested in you.These 2 simple answers tell you exactly what you need to do to be successful with woman: hit on the ones who are interested in you. And discard the rest. Its as simple as that.Well, you have probably arrived to the same conclusion by yourself, without the help of a seduction guru!Yes, you already figured out that you need to chase women that have an interest in you and steer clear of uninterested ones. And the reason for this is pretty obvious: by approaching women who are interested in you, you have a reasonable chance of succeeding. If you approach someone who does not want to know you in the first place, you stand NO chance at all.Most people know this simple fact. But they usually forget the last part of the above concept.Because this concept is very important, lets write it again:If you approach a woman who is not interested in you, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how you look, YOU WILL FAIL!There is no exception to this. This is not an opinion. It is a fact.So, rule number 1 is: approach ONLY women who are interested in you!Congratulations, you just increased by 90% your chances of success with women.Ok, now you have a clear advantage over most of your competitors. They hit on every single woman only to be rejected by most of them. But not you. You know that you have to only approach the ones that have shown interest. And hit a home run.The problem is: how do you know which woman is interested in you?And who is the one who wants you to approach her and start a conversation?The game of flirting is as complex as it seems natural. The mere medley of virile looks and shine doesn’t win you a feminine trophy.Hi, my name is Mark Rodgers.Thanks to my passion for Interpersonal relationships, in particular with women, I have become an author and expert in the Sure Approach niche (a.k.a. approaching women without risking rejection.) Sure Approach is a subfield of the interpersonal interaction science, an area of study based on researches in the fields of psychology, biology and social sciences.Do not think of me as the author of a pick-up guide. First, because this is not a pick-up guide. And secon[…]

The Only Way To Avoid Rejection Is To Know Which Women To Approach. Look For The Signals. Evaluate Them. Approach (or Change Target). Easy Concept Based On Scientific Research. Innovative Product. Easy To Sell. Affiliate Resources. Get 75% Commission.

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