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Aquacaping – Home

Are you tired of your fish being unhealthy?Do you want a beautiful Aquarium with healthy fish, instead of the watery desert you have now?Then You Have Come To The Right Place!This book contains EVERYTHING you Need to Know about Salt Water and Fresh Water Aquascaping!!Ill bet that I started Aquascaping for the exact same reason you did.In my case, it was a beautiful red and black salt water fish called a Dwarf Angelfish. And that was my first mistake. I fell in love with the fish before I was ready to take care of it.Luckily, the guy at the pet store talked me out of buying it right away. He told me that setting up a salt-water aquarium was not for the faint of heart, and that I needed to get everything set up first, before I bought my first fish.He started rattling off all the things that I would need to buy and set up before I could get a fish. It was really intimidating, and it sounded expensive, but I realized he was telling me important information that I needed to pay attention to.So, like most people starting out on a brand new hobby, I started doing some research. And I got more and more intimidated. There was so much to know about Aquascaping! And if its done wrong, your fish die.It seemed to take forever, but I got my first salt water aquarium running, and bought the Angelfish. It didnt die, but it didnt exactly thrive either. It seemed that I had more to learn. But no one had organized the information on Aquascaping in a way that made intuitive sense to me.I knew that there had to be a better way. Unfortunately, that better way was to do it myself. I treated it like a research project, but instead of just accepting the way that the information was presented in all the books that I bought, I organized the information into a way that made all the decisions and activities SIMPLE!The first thing I did was make a list of the different Aquascaping Styles:Once Id gotten that far, I had decided to write this book. Why? Because myself and all my friends that had aquariums were constantly complaining about how complicated all this was.And I just knew that I could make it simpler so I’m sharing my secrets.So, I not only described those Aquascaping Styles, I also indicated which were easy, and which were complex. Because picking a style really has to be the first step.Now, it’s important that once youve decided on the Style, you need to understand some design elements in order to make your aquarium look Great!So I dug into my art books as well as my Aquascap[…]
Aquacaping – Home

An aquascaping expert discusses artistic aquascaping styles, aquarium decorations, substrates, rocks, coral, lighting, setup and maintenance in his book called aquascaping – aquarium landscaping like a pro is the ultimate aquarist’s guide to planted tank aesthetics and design .

This Is An 132 Page Ebook On Aquascaping. The Idea Of Creating An Aquarium Supporting Life And Is Aesthetically Appealing Is An Exciting Quest For Many People. Technology Has Evolved To Support More Species, In Cleaner And Longer Lasting Environments.

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