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I had found what was neededthe thing that set apart someone who just wants to draw, and someone who actually does draw well. What’s funny is that it was always in front of me all the time, and I was just too blind to see it.I was not ready to accept it, too worried about other things. Instead of looking at the whole, I was getting distracted by the little details.I was so worried about how well I was drawing something that the true underlying principles simply escaped my mind. I was so busy trying to replicate reality that I lost track of the fact that I am the creator of my works.I was too busy copying what someone else created, instead of actually creating things myself, from my own mental library. That was a very narrow-minded, one-way view of the world.I was letting others actions (drawings) affect my results, because I was copying what they created. So I could only be as good as their effect. I was limited to only the clues that each of their drawings gave me. I was starting where they finished and trying to interpret it, which was not possible with just the content lying in front of me.I was going about it all backwards.It wasn’t until I changed my view from the details to the bigger picture that I began to make progress.Once I fully accepted this, I was able to open up and see the world with both eyes wide open. It gave me a fresh start. I realized what I had to do to create anything I wanted. I started learning the bare bones fundamentals. I stopped started studying the hidden world we can’t see in order to fully create the world we can see. And that is when my art flourished.After analyzing this problem over and over again, I finally discovered how to fix it. Its an approach that no one has ever even considered before.What I discovered is that when I take this approach something magical happens to my drawings.So, I organized my thoughts into a workable system and began showing my approach to otherspeople who never thought they could draw. It was amazing.All of a sudden they were able to draw images that they never thought they could, images that were just like they imagined in their heads, sometimes even better. It was truly remarkable, not just to me but to them as well.They soon gained a level of confidence they never had before. After a while, drawing became so natural and pleasurable that it replaced their other forms of relaxation, meditation and enjoyment.For once in their lives, they achieved a level of peace, skill and confidence that amaz[…]
Artist In 7 Days .com

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