Athletic Nutrition 101

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Athletic Nutrition 101

#1-Nearly two dozen discussion topics relating to carbohydrates and why they are indeed essential for every single athlete regardless of their sport type. It’s about time to put all of this nonsense to rest that carbs are bad for you, or that they make you fat, slow, and unhealthy! Carbohydrates are a very reliable source of human energy our body needs to elevate itself to the next level as an athlete. Period! Here are some of the questions you might have in regards to carbohydrates that will be thoroughly answered inside the book along with scientific research and supporting evidence! Why carbohydrates lower stress levels in the human body Why carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel while training at high intensities Why carbohydrates help with sleep, mental state, and with management of hunger and appetite levels Why carbohydrates improve hydration levels And last but not least, why carbohydrates spare muscle mass, assist in muscle growth and repair and raise our metabolism #2-Learn many of the reasons why healthy fats help serve you as an athlete and complement the other two main sources of food in protein and carbohydrates. #3-A quick primer on protein intake will be covered to help solidify most of what you probably already know, along with recent research on the nutrient and perhaps some more information that you may not have heard of before to help in your quest towards better performance. #4-20 information packed FAQ’s discussing common topics, such as; whether or not eating breakfast is important for an athlete, how to improve insulin functioning, examining a not so common source of fat, proper hydration, fiber consumption, supplement timing, and much more. #5-Last but not least, I break down 12 of the most highly hyped and well known supplements into three applicable categories for you so you know what works and what doesn’t, and what supplements fall somewhere in the middle based on REAL science![…]
Athletic Nutrition 101

Complete Guide On All Things Nutrition For Any Type Of Athlete!

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