Attract More God In Your Life

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Attract More God – By Dr. Richard Barrett

Attract More God In Your LifeCenter your life by turbo charging your connection to the Divine!Through a centuries old proven form of prayermusic!You dont have to be affiliated with a particular church or religion to know that mankind has always looked to the heavens to praise, pray, give thanks, worship or ask for guidance and assistance through music.Our spirit comes alive through prayer and music.Our souls dance to a joyful sound and God rejoices with us as we solidify our connection to Him.In good times and bad, spiritual music can create balance in our lives and reinforce our beliefs in the Divine power that lies within us…is greater than our mortal selfand is the Creator of the Universe.Ive created some very special spiritual music that Im excited to share with you.Let me tell you why…If youre like me you try to connect with God by any means possible.If youre like me, you may also be as exhausted as I am of the never ending proliferous flow of negativity that pervades our world today.You know what I’m talking about.The borage comes from talk radio, to newspapers, to mainstream media, to the internet, to talk shows, to a.m., mid day and evening magazine shows, and then there are all the so called reality shows proudly displaying people acting badly, hurting one another, cheating, lying, and stealing. Oh, and dont forget the crime shows of rapists and serial killersugh!!Its enough to make you want to hide in a cave and never come out. You could even start believing the world is a living hell or the very least, turn a sane man insane, or an uplifted man to despair and depression.Yes, Chicken Little must be rightthe sky is falling!What about unity, and brotherly love?Well, I say its here. All around us. All the time. The trick is to block out the darkness and focus on the light and the goodness that you desire.Sometimes its easy to find and other times it takes a little effort. But all the good, all the love, all of God is within us, and outside of us.We must immerse ourselves in it, at every available moment!You are in control of the switch!I generally avoid negative programming like the plague. Oh, its one thing to stay informed, but quite another to succumbwillingly to the constant onslaught of negativity. It ultimately crushes the spirit!In my opinion, its a form of torturous mind control and I dont want any part of it!Its virtually impossible to insulate ourselves from the troubles that exist globally, locally, and within our own families.But we […]
Attract More God – By Dr. Richard Barrett

In Good Times And Bad, Spiritual Music Can Create Balance In Our Lives And Reinforce Our Beliefs In The Divine Power That Lies Within Us…is Greater Than Our Mortal Self…and Is The Creator Of The Universe.

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