Bachelor’s Guide To Retiring On $200k In Se Asia

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In my twenties, I had a live-in girlfriend whom I worshipped like a typical blue-pill simp. Unfortunately, the only thing she worshipped was the money I was bringing home with me. Although I never had definitive proof, in retrospect, I suspect she may have also worshipped Chad and Tyrones shlong. A favorite pastime of hers was spending all my earnings as quickly as she could so that she could impress her family and friends. I upped the pace running as fast as I could on my hamster wheel trying to keep up with her needs. Unfortunately, the faster I got promoted and got into positions I had no interest in, the more ways she found to spend the extra cash. Eventually, I just couldnt stop hearing Tyler Durden whispering in my ear about working a job I hate, so I can buy crap I dont need to impress people I dont like except in my case, my ex was the one doing all the buying.Soon enough, my ex discovered a new hobby besides spending all my money: constant nagging about getting married and having kids. I was initially lukewarm to the idea, but as I started considering the possible implications, I stumbled upon the term MGTOW. I was very much intrigued and started bingeing on the content like an addict whod spent too many days without his fix. Eventually, the lights started coming on in my head, and I was beginning to see things for what they were. I knew I needed to cut loose of my ex as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, she made this unnecessarily difficult and refused to pack up and leave from the place Id been renting and paying all the bills for long before shed moved in. I ended up paying for the remainder of the contract and packing up and leaving myself.I wanted a fresh start, so I quit the jobthat I hated but had only sustained for the sake of sustaining my exs lifestyle. Unfortunately, I had virtually no cash left, so I went to live at my parents. After some time spent getting my head on straight and consuming more red-pill content to wake me up from the blue-pill coma Id sunk myself into the previous few years, I started a new path doing freelance work and living a minimalist lifestyle.As it became clear to me that the US and the Westin generalhad become a feminazi haven full of entitled women, I knew I wanted to get out of there and regain my sense of freedom. I started researching my options and determined that Southeast Asia might be the answer for me as it hadnt gotten fully taken over by the feminazi virus just yet, and it provided a very low co[…]
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