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Its no secret, and hard to argue, that most jobs require a basic knowledge of Excel. Learning Excel can make you an invaluable asset, leading to a potentially higher paying job, or more! The real question is where to begin.The internet is flooded with places to learn Excel with such things like free videos, all the way up to high priced training courses. No doubt, finding a valuable, reliable, worthwhile, non -fluff course can be challenging. So why bother with Excel Soup to Nuts? Give us a moment and well explain.My name is Dave, and I have been an IT trainer for the past fifteen years, teaching a wide range of software packages, specializing in Microsoft Office. Throughout the years Ive learned that despite all the cool, flowery, stuff Excel can do- you can boil Excel down into a few core concepts. These core concepts have been the same, going all the way back to Excel 5.0, and learning these concepts represent the foundational topics youll need to put yourself in the stratosphere of Excel.The intent behind this course is to get you to learn Excel in a quick, easy, fun and painless process. All the content (over 13+ hours) within this power-packed class Heck, Ill even go as far as to say that some of the material in this class will be new even for people who have been using excel for many years.The trick to learning Excel is to realize that Excel is just a bunch of topics, or core areas, that build the foundation. This class drives home the key items to know within each core area.Enter your contact information and well send you three complimentary lessons! The email will be fromExcel Soup to Nuts.Heres a breakdown of everything this no non-sense course has to offer:MODULE 1: An Overview Of All The Common Bits And Pieces To MS OfficeMODULE 2: Excels Fundamentals | The Need To Know TopicsMODULE 3: How To Dress Up Your Data And Make It Look Nice | AKA FormattingMODULE 4: Ok, So Youve Typed It, Made It Look Nice, Now How Do You Print ItMODULE 5: Starting Down The Road Of Math | The Heart Of ExcelMODULE 7: Charting and Some Miscellaneous Stuff Excel Has To OfferMODULE 9 SECOND BONUS HOW TO CREATE DASHBOARDS*** This Proven Course Is For Anyone, Of Any Age, Even If You Have Absolutely NO Computer Skills ***This training course was designed with one overreaching purpose- so that you can learn Excel as quickly and efficiently as possible.Heck, let me lay it all out! If you were to take a live training class from one of the main stream computer training companie[…]
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  LEARN EXCEL AND CATAPULT YOUR CAREER   It’s no secret, and hard to argue, that most jobs require a basic knowledge of Excel. Learning Excel

Excel Soup To Nuts Offers 13+ Hours Of Video Training Designed For Anyone Looking To Benefit Their Career. The Content Has Been Designed To Be Quick, Easy, Painless And Fun! 70% Commission Up Front. Swipe Page:

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