Become Unbreakable – Lose Fat & Build Muscle. A 30 Day Guide For Men

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Become Unbreakable - Lose Fat & Build Muscle. A 30 Day Guide For Men preview. Click for more details

Become Unbreakable

Find out the simple solution to so you can easily without the use crash diets, low-calorie diets, or long cardio workouts.Hi guys, let me introduce myself: I am Craig Lewis and the founder of Unbreakable Health & Performance.My own health and fitness journey began back in 2009, and even though I’d always been involved with sports and exercise, it wasn’t until 2009 that I was introduced to a fully structured exercise and nutrition program.Finding like-minded people in an environment that I felt comfortable in only further fueled my passion for fitness and nutrition. So, in 2009, I began my personal training and coaching career and started to take my own training and diet more seriously. Before 2009, I simply did what so many other men do: I guessed or read magazines and articles that provided workouts and guides. While these seemed to provide some information, for the most part, they were just too unrealistic for us mortals.Always wanting the best out of my exercise and nutrition, I often found myself training two to three times per day, trying to build muscle while trying to stay as lean as possible. On top of all that training, I would find myself jumping from one way of eating to the next to try and find the "solution" that never came. What I had loved doing for so long now felt like a chore. It started to feel like I was dragging myself to the gym, and I began to slowly hate going. I know I’m not the first man to feel like this about exercise and nutrition.I soon realised that this way of eating and exercising was unsustainable for myself, as well as for the majority of other men.I still stuck with what I was doing, but I noticed I was starting to pick up small injuries here and there. At first, I brushed it all off, thinking it would get better the more I trained. Then in 2016, I had a knee injury that came out of nowhere.This injury put me out of training for nearly six months. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without shooting pains through my knee. Something Else Started to Happen too!I was finding it really hard to keep the muscle I had built, and slowly but surely, I began to lose muscle, gain fat, and lose strength. Few people know this and it’s hard for me to admit, but my weight, strength, and muscle mass fluctuated during this period, particularly during 2014-2016.It was this injury that led to the realisation that forced me to understand that I needed to have a sustainable approach to both exercise and nutrition. It wasn[…]
Become Unbreakable -

Attention ALL Men. Are you ready to lose fat and build muscle? Well, in just 30 days you could do exactly that. This 30-day guide is specifically for men

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