Beowulf The Epic Poem

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Beowulf Epic Poem | Beowulf Book

Attention: This e-Book could make you an awesome English cultural afficianado overnight! "You’ve always wanted to understand Beowulf, the English heroic epic poem, but never have been able to find the time to understand this truly epic masterpiece." Only 2 hours in your hectic schedule – that is all you need to begin to comprehend the Beowulf epic. You don’t believe it? First, who cares about a poem written 650-1000 A.D. in Old English having no relevance to our busy, modern lives? Why would anyone want to investigate a poem about some fictional comic book characters? Or is this a fictional poem? One would have thought so, until the discovery in 1939 of a pre-Viking burial ship at Sutton Hoo in East Anglia, England. This fascinating 20th century dig at last convinced archaeologists that the poem may in fact have been reporting some seminal events that actually happened in very early English history. Likewise, the 19th century amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann took Homer’s epic poem The Iliad and by a literal interpretation of the work (he was an advocate of the historical reality of places written about by Homer) discovered the fabled ancient city of Troy in modern day Hisarlik, Turkey. At last, understand the English epic poem Beowulf – advance your comprehension of English and Scandinavian culture. Reading an epic heroic poem can be intimidating to some. According to others, it is just a waste of time. They often disregard the wonderful opportunities that mastery of the poem can bring. By knowing an epic poem, you come to realize the cultural background and aspirations of an entire nation. Previously puzzling customs and pecularities of a country become revealed to you. That is why I extend my congratulations to you, as you have decided to improve your personal, intellectual, and social understanding through study of this epic poem. Your decision to read the Medieval Epic Beowulf is a wise choice as it allows you to connect with an early Anglo-Saxon legend which is stunning in its different viewpoint from our 21st century norms. Typical Beowulf translations just drop you into the middle of an archaic story, without providing you the important contexts in which the poem progresses – you just feel hopelessly lost. The most effective way to learn an epic poem is through some background discussion and interpretation as the epic unfolds. In this way, the reader does not lose the plot thread or fine details. You can broaden your understandin[…]
Beowulf Epic Poem | Beowulf Book

Understand the epic poem Beowulf. Read this 2-hour eBook which reveals the cultural origins of modern England!

An Ebook Dedicated To Mastering The Heroic English Epic Poem Beowulf. Critical Commentary, Historical Context And Plot Development Are Thoroughly Reviewed.

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