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If you are reading this, you have probably seen these Tout declarations. All Gimmicks. Think about it. Youre checking out the Don Best Schedule Booklet when you come across a banner proclaiming Big 10 Pick of the Year. Really?! The Booklet was printed a month prior to the schedule even starting! Yet people fall for it. Why? Because they want a winner.Lets face it, sports gambling is exciting! Sports gambling is fun. But sports gambling is tough business. The best services, touts, game pickers, whatever you want to call them, have winning percentages of 58-61 percent. Thats right, and these guys are the best in the business.Most services provide less than 50 percent winners, and thus lose you money. In other words, youre paying for someone to pick losers for you. As if paying the book isnt bad enough!Back in the day of phone calls to the Book, a friend of mine had business cards with his phone number and a line stating Eleven to a Dime, Any Ol Time! Dont let anyone try to tell you winning money on sports is easy pickens, its not. But yet, you can win.My partner and I are retired bookmakers with over 70 years combined experience involving sports gambling.We chose to get back in the game by offering this service. Weve pretty much seen it all!Its a much different business these days compared to just 10 or 15 years ago. The Internet has enabled line moves to occur almost simultaneously across the casinos and sports books. Placing wagers can be a 24/7 proposition. There are more games (many with teams you havent even heard of), more available lines, prop bets, even in-game wagering. Hell, this year there were over 400 prop bets on the Super Bowl. 400!! We have witnessed hot/cold streaks, winning/losing seasons, good/bad years. But one thing hasnt changed, and thats what it takes to win.You were curious, youve come this far, so take advantage of our FREE 7 DAY TRIAL and convince yourself. You will be able to login and get access to our picks immediately. Picks are submitted daily. In addition to the picks, you will be able to follow a revolving 21 day history, with win percentage, and this is a no-strings attached offer. If you like what you see, take the next step and sign up for our introductory rate at just $50 for 30 days. So what are you waiting for? Sign on and get started now. Becoming a winner is in your sights.[…]
Book Makers Edge

Forecasting Of Sports Events.

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