Bourke Engine Documentary – Bourke Cycle Edition

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Bourke Engine Documentary – Bourke Cycle Edition

"The Bourke Engine Ran With A 50:1 Air/Fuel Ratio And Produced More Horsepower & Torque Per Pound Than Any Other Engine In History. It Had Only 2 Moving Parts, The Oil Never Had To Be Changed, It Was Very Quiet, And It Ran Very Cool. At nearly 70% thermal efficiency, it’s the most efficient gasoline engine ever made!" The most important gasoline engine ever made, where it came from, how it works and how to build one. Introduction written by David S. Wolfe the Founder of David S. Wolfe is the founder of, which has been around since 1998. It is considered the most authoritative website on the Internet when it comes to the Bourke Engine. David has consulted with and inspired many Bourke enthusiasts including those who have successfully fabricated their own Bourke Engines. THE BOOK AND BLUEPRINTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOADS A fter I got out of the Army in 1978 at the ripe old age of 21, I went to work as an Electrician but ended up working on my own car and friends’ cars on the side because I liked it and it made me a few extra bucks. I liked it so much I made a mobile repair business out of it and named it The Auto Doctor for a few years until I found out about the Exclusive Bourke Cycle Engine and how rugged, simple and efficient it was! I was fascinated and set out to learn everything there is to know about it and I did just that. The Bourke Cycle became what I understood to be correct and optimum operation and performance. I learned practically everything there is to know about these engines by reading the Bourke Engine Documentary, which was originally released in the 1960s shortly before the death of Russell Bourke, the inventor. Unfortunately, there is some very rare knowledge about the Bourke Engine that was left out of the documentary book, which I’m making available to you in this special offer. My mind was still fresh and unfettered by conventional ‘wisdom’ and ready for the truth, and I found the truth in Russell’s work! He and his work impressed me so much that I decided to dedicate my life to making this data known and get this technology out into broad use where it can do the whole world some good, just like Russell had wished it would and my website has been online since 1998! It’s amazing to think that the Bourke Engine technology has been available for decades – practically since I was born. LOOK AT THIS MAN PLACE HIS HANDS RIGHT OVER THE EXHAUST PORTS – SEE HOW COOL IT RUNS!!! It’s at […]
Bourke Engine Documentary – Bourke Cycle Edition

Includes the necessary knowledge that is missing from the original Bourke Engine Documentary – Blueprints available!

Exclusive Release Of Russell Bourke’s Engine Documentary With Documents And Information Missing From The Original Bourke Engine Documentary. Blueprints Available! Learn About The Most Efficient Gasoline Engine In The World.

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