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Boy Clicks Girl Official Website – Date More Women In Less Time

Imagine what you could do with an arsenal of KILLER emails like these. Youll grab a womans attention like no other guy on the site. Most men send women some boring nonsense like "Hey baby, what’s up?" or "Your cute, can I see more pics?" But then you come along and send her one of my emails that are creative, playful and FUN. Who do you think she’s likely to respond? There’s just one problem… This is easier said than done. You’ve got to establish some rapport and make her feel safe with you FIRST. Only then will she be comfortable enough to meet you in person for a date. This is where most guys screw up. They have no idea how to take a woman they meet online and TRANSITION her to the real world in a way that feels NATURAL to her. And that’s where I come in… I was never a "natural" with women in the real world, so online dating was my only option of ever finding a girlfriend. I started testing different emails to see which ones got the most responses from women. I kept track of what worked and what didn’t, jotting down notes and ideas as I went. I continued this learning process over the next 5 years. I emailed THOUSANDS of women, got HUNDREDS of responses and went on DOZENS of dates. I got to a point where I could set up a date with a woman any time I wanted. I had created a system that let me And today, I’d like to make that system available to you. If you’ve ever told yourself: "If women only knew what a great guy I was, I wouldn’t have any trouble getting dates." I’m going to show you how to get the best version of yourself in front of hundreds of beautiful women using dating websites. I’ll guide you step-by-step and show you how to set up dates with women any time you want. Everything is designed to be FAST, so you’ll see results within DAYS, not weeks or months. Here’s what you’re going to learn… Over 25 email openers that you can send to a woman right . These are the emails I’ve used to get THOUSANDS of responses from women. Pages 5-29 How to create that "I gotta meet you" feeling inside a woman every time she reads your emails. Page 57 A sneaky email tactic that makes a woman feel like she’s known you forever, so she’ll trust you like an old friend. Page 52 5 words to include at the end of your email that challenges a woman. (This pushes her to write you back because she’ll feel the need to validate herself to you.) Page 43 How I got one woman so addicted to my emails, she wouldn’t turn her co[…]
Boy Clicks Girl Official Website – Date More Women In Less Time

How to attract the hottest women online while still being yourself.

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