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Below You Will Find Several Variations Of Different Packages I Currently Offer.As far as my books, to purchase the Paperback version it costs $34.99 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE.Ships in 3-5 business days Leaving a Mark concerns the basic precepts of human addendums, focusing primarily on the immaterial. In other words, Leaving a Mark focuses on the basic principles of human enhancement- all across the board. As readers advance through the chapters, they will find the metaphysical making its transition into corporeal reality. Through a combination of modern and ancient technologythe cutting edge of current neuroscience and age-old insights from those who spent years understanding the nature of their bodies and how energy moves through them. Inside, I write about not only Sacred Geometry but also symbolism, bloodletting, chakras and other esoteric knowledge related to Body Art. Leaving a Mark takes readers through the metamorphosis from body modification onto bio hacking into cybernetics, genetic uplifts and so on. Leaving a Mark asks readers if we, as a species, can retain our humanity as we continue to alter ourselves in the future all while bringing body art back from where it once came, as a medicinal practice. 250 Pages PDF Format Adobe Acrobat. Body Art Learners Guide is a technical manual to Learn How to Tattoo. Also for artists learning how to pierce and perform entry-level body modifications. Body Art (tattooing, piercing, and body modification) is now officially recognized as both an art form and a profession. Athletes, businesspersons, and even law enforcement personnel increasingly choose body art as a means of self-expression. Michael Anthony Alberta guides you through the basics to learn how to tattoo, encouraging practicing them over and over again so that after mastering the primary skill set, readers can then advance to more sophisticated techniques coming out in Volume 2. Although it violates the unwritten body art code of ethics and blacklists you from the mainstream body art media, the main reasons Mike wrote Body Art Learners Guide is to further the goals of rookies whose ambitions are to make a positive impact on the trade, remind veterans what our trade standards are, and break-down the corrupt educational system thats been plaguing this trade for decades. 112 Pages PDF Format Adobe AcrobatDbai V 1.618. Regardless if youre a Tattoo Enthusiastor an Alternative Medicine Buff, you can expect to apply your craft of body art to the field of energetic healing. Dbai V 1.618 to narrow down the targeted vortex through an application that asks some questions, and then it runs them through a filtration system (based on the same universal standards we have used to diagnose and treat each other for centuries. This not only generates the targeted energy center but also produces all known associations and correspondences in all directions of time; from locations, emotions, related herbs, musical notes, senses, and of course; the geometry, shape or symbol that is to be marked. This serves as a template to guide Tattoo Enthusiasts where and how to get tattooed like the ancients. I have detailed this software in my book Leaving A Mark, chapter called RawData. Keep in mind this is a free bonus and, although, I have not had any issues thus far, there are no guarantees it will run smooth on your operating system. However, thousands of dollars were spent making this app compatible for both Windows and Mac.So you get both books, The Books alone retail on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle for $20.00 and that is not including the softwareSoftware which I sell for$30.00. Thats a $35.00 discount.Is the same as The Tattoo Enthusiast Digital Package Kit (Both Books)except instead of the Software Application you get the following.Included with this purchase is access toStreamed 24-7 video through this website viaprivate YouTube clips. A must for anyTattoo Apprentice. You will not find these videos available anywhere Microsoft Word format. I wrote this Handbook while I was managing a franchise of successful shops. In it, you will find standard shop procedures, price menus and more., PDFs for Tattoos, Piercings, and Surface Anchor Minors. Also a Special Consent Form Used When Apprentices Tattoo. In addition, Customizable Release Form in Microsoft Word format. Include your logo, special questions and more.So you get both books, video access and a variety ofvaluabledocuments. Youll find tremendousvalue in this package.Through cutting-edge research, I have been able to reproduce these conscious states by embedding frequencies within sound. The Digital Drug Ring is plugs your ears into a proprietary audio technology that causes your brain waves to synchronize with the resonances of recreational and pharmaceutical doses.The TechnologyHow Does It Work?The IngredientsWhat Kind Of Frequencies Are Used?Our universe is made up of sound waves that all resonate together creating our depiction of reality through our minds and bodies. They are essential parts to the extremely dynamic human machine, and can be programed using many different applications. The fastest way to alter ones mind/body link is currently with chemical substances. It is much faster than, say, meditating for hours or going to the gym for an intense workout.Although we are not aware of it most of the time, Your mind/body contains an autonomous entrainment device that syncs you up with audible rhythms, tones, pulses, waves and beats. By entraining neural rhythms below or slightly above the human audible range of 20Hz, sound waves can modify, regulate, improve and direct brainwaves into the very patterns that most of society not only uses to escape reality but bring about healing as well. This is not only legal, less expensive and healthier but can significantly reduce anxiety and make you smarter in the process.Most brainwave entrainment products claim that their customers do not have to maintain focus in order to reap the benefits because their technology creates the same brain waves take years for you to achieve, say from a Guru in India. Claims like turn-key hypnosis are nonsense so dont buy into it. I would not take everything you read on this science as factual. Some of the material out there is verifiable but a lot of it is not. Although brainwave entrainment is a powerful tool, you have to know how to apply them in order to reap their benefits. Furthermore, Most of my competitors developed software that lets you customize frequencies yourself this is like doctors allowing their patients to write their own scripts. Being irresponsible is an understatement. Speaking of healthcare professionals; psychologists, physicians, and hypnotherapists, are all integrating such technology into their treatments more and more every day. So clearly, there is truth to certain claims.I have comprehensively researched the psychological and physical effects of this technology by reviewing dozens of extensive double-blind studies verifying its effectiveness. From a historical standpoint, this goes all the way back to when indigenous people used of instruments to get high. Long before the invention of electricity. H. Dove, a German experimenter in the 1800s mapped it out scientifically making this knowledge more palatable to western civilization. However, during the 30s Nazism prohibited this science by only allowing specific frequencies to be heard in public. Luckily, as the war ended, it resurfaced in 50s through minor surgical procedures like anesthesia substitutes for dental patients and such. It took off In the 70s when the popular magazine Scientific American published an article confirming sound can alter ones state of being. More recently, scientists found that sound can modify our levels of DHEA, Melatonin and Cortisol. They have also measured substantial improvements in reaction time as well as the reduction of impulsive behavior courtesy of sound.At the end of the day, we do not need to be scientists to understand the way pleasant sounds make us feel but it is good to know trained professionals are measuring its effects.Each File is between 25minutes and 1 hour long.This intelligence enhancing audio has been tested for years on outlets such as YouTube. The feedback has been overwhelming positive, out of the 4 files we shared the lowest amount of views was 325,237 and the highest was 889,993.The videos are still up HERE, youll notice they have received hundreds of comments includingThis is the best thing to study too. I have been using it to study for every test for the past year and it really works. It helps you concentrate and focus on the task at hand.Thank you soo much! I finished a giant project in one whole day thanks to this :D!!This is 100% one of the only things that keeps me from procrastinating.I love this, it really helps me tune out everything else. Love Bach and the rain sound together.Its light, non-distracting, and its harmonic. Whereas you may enjoy rock or something else, more just to listen to in your free time, those types of music (or sound in general) are considered dissonant, and tend to be more distracting and not nearly as conducive to constructive thought for study music. Harmonic noise however, such as this, requires less brainpower to comprehend, while still giving you something to concentrate on, making it harder to get distracted.Stop procrastinating and get Bach to work. Handel your greenhouse with ease. Melt away all that Haydn going on in the world. If you are looking for cutting edge audio technology than your Chopin ends here. There is a long Liszt of applications for these files. ;)Each file is formatted at a Windows Media Audio (.wma) This givesyou even better quality sound than whats on YouTube since it has to be converted to MP4 Video in order to get uploaded there.Harmonics Include aThunderstorm Over A River, Nasas Sound Of The Sun, Solfge Or Solfeggio Also Called Sol-Fa, Solfa, Solfeo, Solfejo and a variety of Binaural BeatsIf you have questions about prior to, or after, purchase you can always reach me on the reply box below or through the contact form.
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ABOUT SERVICES BUSINESS MY PRIMARY PROJECT BLOG VIDEO GALLERY Below You Will Find Several Variations Of Different Packages I Currently Offer. As far as my books, to purchase the Paperback version it costs $34.99 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. Ships in 3-5 business days 1.) The $15.00 Tattoo Enthusiast Digital Package Leaving a Mark concerns the basic precepts…

My Digital Products Include 2 Hi-end Books About Tattooing & Piercing, A Chakra Software App, Hours Of Body Art Instructional Video And Valuable Related Docs. Plus, Audio Technology That Synchronizes Brain Waves With The Resonances Of Rx And Street Drugs.

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