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A PRIMER ON STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT & OPTIMALNUTRITION FOR THE ELITE PITCHERInBuilding the 95 MPH Body,we have created one of the most comprehensive resources available on the topic of building pitching-specific strength, muscle and power.Checking in at over 120 pages,95 MPH Bodyis authored by Ben Brewster, founder of TreadAthletics, professional pitcher and strength coach. As a classic 6’3" skinny hard-gainer, Ben had the unlikely path to the professional level as anun-recruited college walk-on.Throwing just 73 miles per hour as a freshman in high school (and told by coaches he would never play division I baseball), he directlytrained and interned with top coaches in the field, gaining over 65 lbs and touching mid 90’s by age 22.This book is a synthesis of the principles he used to do it.[…]
Building the 95 MPH Body — TreadAthletics

A Primer On Strength Development & Optimal Nutrition For The Elite Pitcher By Ben Brewster, Bsc, Cscs Discover How The Author Gained 65 Lbs, Went From 73 To 95 Mph, And Became A 15th Round Draft Pick Using These Fundamental Training Principles.

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