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Tom Venuto’s Exclusive 4 Part Audio Series – Burn The Fat TeleSeminars.com

Are you with all the “expert” weight-loss and fitness gurus who promise you quick “weight loss tricks” and ripped muscles, but leave you with no real results? If so, then… “Who Else Wants To A True Master Coach And Bodybuilder, As He Cuts Through All ��The “Weight-Loss” Lies And Reveals Scientifically Proven Ways For You To Easily Burn Fat, And Sculpt The Sexy, Lean Body You Truly Desire?” “In A 4 Part Audio Class, I Put Tom Venuto – A Master Bodybuilder and True Fat Loss Expert – With A Audience And Him With Questions – In The End, Tom Revealed Step-By-Step, Scientifically Proven Ways For To Burn Fat And Sculpt The Sexy, Healthy, Lean Body You Know You – Now You Too Can Grab This Exclusive Audio, And See Real, and Results With Your Body, !” From The Desk Of Kacper M. Postawski Cofounder, Powerful Life, LLC Tom Venuto has helped tens of thousands of people finally the fat that’s been haunting them for years and build the bodies they never possible. I’ve known Tom as a business partner and a friend since the spring of 2005, when I met him at a seminar in Washington DC, and since then I have developed a tremendous amount of respect for him as an expert in his field, and as one of the most devoted and honest people I know. He’s extremely dedicated to telling you the , (even if it “hurts”), and to giving you real strategies that work to help you achieve your goals easier, faster, with less confusion and frustration. With his e-book “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle,” which is the best-selling diet e-book in Internet history and has now sold in 137 countries worldwide, Tom has gotten popular in the “weight-loss” industry. So much so that almost every week, Tom gets approached by dollar hungry weight-loss corporations, who offer him anywhere up to $20,000 per month to promote their “weight loss pills” and “miracle drugs” to his tens of housands of clients. What does Tom do every-time? He gives them the finger! He doesn’t believe in “magic pills”, and he wouldn’t let you believe it either. He does everything in his power to debunk all the myths, and tell you the truth, as it is, no b.s. You’re about to gain access to a very rare 4 part audio tele-class interview I did with Tom recently, in which Tom and gave step-by-step strategies you can use to start burning fat, gaining muscle, and seeing results very quickly. My friend, I urge you not to miss this powerful audio package, if you do, you may never get the truth to easily sculpt the body and achieve the health you really I would hate to see you end up being frustrated, lied to and cheated by all the other “weight loss experts” who sell you their “miracle diets.” Losing your money and wasting your time with them can easily make you lose motivation to try again. Tom will give you the results you’ve been wanting, . PS. Even if you’ve got Tom’s eBook already, “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” – I urge you to listen to these interviews, as Tom revealed some things which you find in his book! After 6 months of pleading with him , negotiating with him, and e-mailing back and forth, I finally convinced my good friend, author, and master bodybuilder Tom Venuto to put on a four part telephone-conference in which he totally spilled the beans, debunked all the weight loss and muscle building myths and b.s, and showed you a strategy for transforming your body, burning fat, and building muscle, to help you create the body you know you deserve. The tele-classes have been professionally audio recorded and transcribed and are now available to you right here on this web page. During the 4 conferences, which were sold out and limited to a small group of only 100 people, everyone listened in as I grilled Tom with question after question. He stayed on the line for a total of over four hours and answered everything I threw at him and delivered step-by-step strategies for you to finally get the body of your dreams. Because Of His Passion To Help He Cost Me $500 In Long-Distance Fees! ��Tom was so passionate about helping you in these calls that I had trouble getting him to wind down and stop all the powerful information which he normally charges his coaching clients at least dollars for. When I scheduled the calls for forty five minutes, he talked for up to an hour or more! A weeks later, I got the phone bill… When I showed my wife the $500 long distance bill for interviewing Tom over the phone, her eyes almost popped out of her head! (She made me buy long-distance phone cards at the corner store from then on…) When you listen to these recordings, you be able to transform your body, and create the confident, sexy, and healthy feeling inside of you which you know you deserve. Regardless of your body type or gender. Tom has literally helped thousands of people achieve the same life-changing transformations, at his web-site: www.BurnTheFat.com Most importantly, Tom went out of his way to make sure you do it without the frustration and confusion of not knowing what to do next, or not being afraid if of failure. If you’ve tried and “failed” to change your body before, these audio recordings are for you, as Tom gave away something that you will not find in any other fitness course or book. You’ll find it in the first audio… Here’s What You’ll Find In Audio #1, Goal Setting And Mental Training Strategies For Unstoppable Motivation… How To Procrastination, Quickly Create UNSTOPPABLE , Drive And Motivation To Transform Your Body And “Program” Your Mind For Lifetime Success In this audio interview, Tom made a very daring admission… What he shared was that when it comes down to creating a massive transformation in your body, your inner power is most important. the information you have. The reason why most people drop the ball, and don’t achieve their goals with their body is because they don’t have the tools they need to create unstoppable drive and die hard persistance. Procrastination and doubt creeps up with them, and stops them cold in their tracks. Tom gave away some that successful body-builder or fitness coach knows: This happens for a very reason, to almost . And it’s simply because of your subconscious programming. In this audio, Tom gave away critical strategies he’s personally used, and taught to his many students to literally your subconscious mind for success with your body and health. During this tele-class, we had the listeners do live “reprogramming” mental exercises. As you listen to these, you’ll begin to feel a newfound confidence and determination about your body that you never felt before. It’s this element that has helped his top clients totally transform their bodies and health levels permanently. in record time. It’s having this mindset which will enable you to stop procrastinating, and finally take action. How to “reprogram” your subconscious mind for die-hard persistence. Once you listen to this part, and do the mind-training Tom has you do, you’ll laugh at how much you used to “procrastinate” before. A mental mind-game to do every morning, to get your mindset set on success every day. If you do this, you’ll never fall into self-sabotage again. How to develop with your exercising, training, and eating habits, to set yourself up for success. A way to overcome the biggest obstacle in improving your body. The old “I don’t have the time” problem. How to “find the time” and transform your body despite your busy schedule. How to use the power of associations and pain & pleasure to curb your appetite and stop comfort eating. The power of “chunking.” How to feel completely clear and certain about your training, without being overwhelmed! When you apply this, you’ll be surprised when you find yourself “looking forward” to following your fat burning, muscle building plan! A powerful method to make sure you never get “bummed out” and “de-motivated” so you’ll never have to “make” yourself get up and take action. Changing your focus to make sure you have an incredible amount of energy all day to achieve your body and health goals. (This one method is worth the entire tele-seminar series) Here’s what you’ll get in Audio #2, Nutrition Fundamentals For Health, Energy, Fat Loss And Muscle Growth… The Simplest, Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Powerful Nutrition Plan That Will Feed Your Body With What It Needs To Burn Fat, And Gain Muscle Tom’s going to contradict and blow a lot of b.s away, even go the advice of some of the most famous “expert” dietitians in the world today. Testimonials from listeners poured it when Tom revealed the about nutrition: How the secret of one of the most successful NFL football coaches of all time will transform your view of nutrition, and let you achieve the lean body you want in record time. Overcoming food cravings. How to make sure you stick to your nutrition plan. What’s the deal with supplements? Do they work? Which supplements are a complete waste of money and which actually work in helping your body function at its optimal health. How to build a diet that totally empowers you, keeps your body energized and lets your body burn fat. While you enjoy what you’re eating. The simple law of calorie balance. Once you listen to this, you’ll be confused about “calorie counting” ever again! When you’re done listening, you’ll know how much to eat – without putting your body into “starvation mode”. The ONE thing you must do at the end of each day, for 5 minutes, to guarantee your success. hint: it ‘t involve eating or exercise. Tom said this is the most critical point to remember daily. Strategies you can use to plan out healthy and nutritious meals around a very busy work schedule.(We knew this was a very big issue for a lot of people, so we covered it fully and in great detail) A step-by-step easy way to understand proteins, carbs, and fats – in just 10 minutes flat – while personalizing your diet to fit your body type like a glove! Imagine finally understanding all the jargon about “macronutrient” ratios (like 40-30-30) and being able to build your customized nutrition plan, that works perfectly with body type, metabolism and genetics. The myth about low-fat and low-carb foods exposed. Tom totally cut through all the b.s in this area. You’ll be shocked at how low food producers will drop, to to sell you junk that makes you fat and unhealthy! Here’s what you’ll get in Audio #3, Training And Nutrition Strategies For Fat Loss… Killer, Strategies To Building An Eating And Training Plan That You To Burn Fat And Keep It Off Regardless Your Genetics, Age, Or Gender… In this audio, you’ll get the simplest and most effective strategies to training to burn fat and keeping it off . Tom even shared some of the most powerful methods to burning fat: carb and calorie cycling… This method works for vitrually anyone and everyone. It’s simple, yet hardly anyone ever writes or tells about it (because they don’t know about it or they don’t understand the secret to using it in the most effective way). Here’s what it’s about… Whenever you train to burn fat, you will reach a point where your results “plateau” and stop coming as quickly – this usually comes after the first 4 weeks of training. It’s at this point where most people give up! With the methods on this audio, Tom shows you how to “shock” your metabolism to completely avoid these plateaus in your results! Others around you will wonder and start asking you questions on HOW you’re getting continuous results with your body without slowing down. As you learn this, you may feel a newfound confidence run through you, that this time you will achieve your goals Some fitness companies selling you overpriced, useless workout machines and supplements will Tom for giving this away: Most people who train to lose fat, actually GAIN FAT! And become more obese. Why? The answer is simple. You’ll learn exactly how to avoid this common trap, and make sure you’re burning fat, and becoming more lean. A step-by-step strategy to implement cardio and aerobic training into your weekly plan to burn fat and lose the weight you want, but most importantly, how to keep it off! So you won’t get trapped into the “yo-yo” cycle of losing and gaining weight back again. After 4 weeks of training, your body usually goes into a “plateau” and result stop coming. Tom will share his most powerful strategy to overcome this. The “zig zag” method. aka: “calorie-cycling.” Even the handful of people who have used or heard of this method, often miss the finer points of how to apply it for maximum results… Tom gives you every detail! How to tell if your body is “carb sensitive.” If your body is “carb sensitive”, will burn fat unless you make this change in your nutrition plan. This is easy to understand, and Tom explains it very thoroughly. All the myths about “weight training” revealed. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to burn fat. You’ll feel relieved when Tom shares his simple weight training strategies that work. It’s not rocket-science, its simple. Why most people lose weight, because they miss the one critical element of a successful fat burning program. hint: it has to do with the way alsmost everyone is “starving themselves” Tom gets approached by multi-million dollar supplement companies on a regular basis to promote their products. He gives them the finger every-time. You’ll learn why. Here’s what you’ll get in Audio #4, Training And Nutrition Strategies For Muscle Growth… The Most Simple And Powerful Strategy For You To Gain Pounds Of Lean Muscle, Regardless Your Age, Genetics, or Gender If you simply want to gain more muscle, while staying lean (or even getting leaner), you’ll find this call priceless. If you don’t want to waste years of your time at the gym, seeing no real results, listening to this audio will be one of the most important things you do this year. Why most people who try to gain muscle, gain more FAT than muscle, becuase they don’t know one . You’ll learn how to avoid this common pitfall. How to gain muscle even if you think you’re limited by your “body type”, your genetics, or gender. The #1 most important key to gaining muscle. If you get nothing out of this audio but this part, you’re guaranteed to build muscle effectively. The 2 “must-do” habits of muscle gaining that will maximize your results. How to overcome plateaus (slow or no results) in your training by understanding the What are the most effective exercises guaranteed to help you gain muscle? What is the best set and repetition scheme for building muscle? Muscle building supplements: This was a real SHOCKER for everyone listening who was used to reading popular fitness and body building magazines because there is only muscle building supplement that Tom recommends. The secret of “nutrient timing” – Adding this one element to your training can make the difference between no results and success. Here’s What Some Listeners Had To Say… WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Thank you so much for doing this teleconference. This has been a great supplement to Tom’s e-book :Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. The first call was absolutely the most effective. Without the instruction you guys provided during that goal setting and mindset seminar, the rest of the information that we were provided with would have just been put into my memory banks in the “I know that” department. My recent success can be directly attributed to that first call. I really enjoyed Tom’s honest approach to nutrition in regards to fat loss and muscle gain. I learned some very important skills and most of all to focus on one goal, whether it be fat loss or muscle gain. Tom obviously know’s the struggles that most of our continent go thru in regards to physical appearance and our desire to achieve that perfect body Tom touched on many issues about why most of us fail at achieving our desired physique and gave very practical solutions to help us overcome these obstacles. Absolutely anyone how follows Tom’s advice, will achieve fitness success. All that we need to do is follow the simple principles that Tom has provided us with. Thank you for having such a great impact on my life Kacper, thank you very much for bringing this together. You conducted a great interview and asked all the right questions that many of us needed some answers to. Your success story has motivated me as well. Once again thank you. Keep up the great work. You are changing lives daily. You are true role models.” Scott Wrote us a follow up letter a couple weeks later… “Since The 1st Audio I Have Of Body Fat.” “I already had Tom’s Burn The Fat e-book and since listening to the first “Body Of Your Dreams” audio, I find myself applying Tom’s teachings much more effectively. I listen to the mp3 from the 1st seminar in my car almost daily to reinforce everything that I have learned. It’s amazing each time you actually get a better handle on the things that you’ve learned. By the way, I’m an experienced personal fitness trainer with a good education in fitness and nutrition and a degree in Kinesiology, yet after listening to your audio tonight, which was filled with information that I know and apply everyday, I still managed to learn some valuable tips. Since the 1st audio I have lost 8lbs of body fat. I feel great and I am extremely motivated. Kacper I commend you on pushing Tom to do this. I have followed Tom’s work for the past 2 years and I have learned to trust Tom and the colleagues that he associates himself with. I have also read your ebook which was extraordinary. I would definitely be a part of a teleseminar on powerful sleep if you ever decide to do so. Thank you for adding more knowlege and drive into my life. It has effected me, my family, friends, and clients.” “You Have a Way Of Making Information Usable…” “The past two classes have been filled with excellent content. Tom, you really managed to distill the wealth of nutrition info into manageable, and more importantly, useful chunks.” “I especially appreciated the discussion of carb cycling. I am not a novice to nutrition and bodybuilding, but you have a very effective way of making information usable. I now feel more equipped to take what I have read and apply it effectively. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next session. Best regards, Marc.” “I recently purchased your audio MP3 interview program, The Body Of Your Dreams, that you did with Kacper, from the internet. It was absolutely brilliant. It has really inspired me to take my entire training program to the next level. My partner who is relatively new to weight training also listened to the call and she was very excited about what she learned from you and is now implementing the information as well. So thanks Tom, we are both truly grateful to you for sharing your wisdom with peolpe like ourselves.” At his Burn The Fat web-site, Tom has literally hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials just like these, from people who have used the information in his book “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. The information he teaches is powerful, to the point, easy to follow, and most importantly… It works, and it give you the tools and you need to make the change in your life that you really desire! Here’s How You Can Get To This 4-Part, 4-Hour MP3 Audio Set Right Now Truthfully, Tom is not a very cheap guy, in fact he’s expensive: he charges almost $1,000 for his cheapest coaching program. So you can imagine, that getting him to agree to do these interviews wasn’t easy. When you listen to these recordings, you’re going to get over 4 hours of him giving you his absolute best. You’re also going to get , so you can read, and re-read every tidbit of Tom’s valuable insights and secrets. Originally, I was going to put all these recordings on CDs, put them into a pretty package, and mass duplicate them, but I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of putting together a physical product; it would have taken over a month, it would be another $1,000 investment on my part to get all the CD packages produced, not to mention that 4 hours of audio on CD would have to cost you somewhere between $97 and $147 retail. I decided instead that I simply wanted to offer you download access to the audio in MP3 format, this way I could save money, you could save money, and you can get this information into your hands intstantly by downloading it. Because there’s delivery or shipping costs in bringing this life-changing audio package to you, your low investment to get instant download access to these MP3 recordings & transcripts is a mere $59.95… but now… For The First Time Ever, These MP3 Tele-Seminar Recordings Are Being Offered On Sale, For A Very Limited Time $59.95 is really a tiny amount to invest compared to the hundreds of dollars you’d waste on other books, courses, and supplements trying to get the same results in vain. In fact, many of Tom’s clients told us that they were spending $300 a MONTH (or more!), just on shakes and diet pills alone, before getting Tom’s materials. They now have the muscularity, low body fat and even “six pack” abdominals they always wanted and they are SAVING $300 or more a month on gimmick products they now realize they never needed in the first place! As you can see, for only $59.95, this information could not only transform your body, it could actually save you a ton of money. And now you can save even more! For the first time ever, we are oferring this 4-part audio MP3 package at an even better, special discount price of only $47.00! Because so many so called “experts” in the weight loss business today are affiliated with diet pill and supplement companies, you simply aren’t going to get this type of information anywhere else except from Tom, and with this discount price, it’s now a no brainer to order today before this special offer expires. This is a limited-time offer, but the price is guaranteed to go back up . If you want a clear path to burning fat, and sculpting the lean, sexy, and healthy body you deserve, then don’t procrastinate on getting this audio package. Every moment you wait, you could be spending to apply Tom’s teachings to create life-changing results with your body! When you get these recordings & transcripts today, they’re backed by… After listening this audio package with Tom Venuto, If you feel that Tom hasn’t completely transformed you and made you ready to take your body and health to an new level…. And… after you preview these audios for 8 weeks on our no-risk trial, if you haven’t achieved the goals you wanted for your body with the information Tom shared with you, then simply e-mail us from the on this website, and we will refund every penny you invested into your tuition, no questions asked. We promise you that this audio package will absolutely transform your way of thinking about your body, your health, and give you a clear action plan to help you create the body of your dreams. If we can’t do this for you, we don’t deserve to keep your investment in this audio series, neither would we want to. This is our pledge and guarantee to you, Tom Venuto Author, Best-Selling Author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Tom and I have done our part to prepare this entire audio series, it’s now your turn to take control of the wheel, and make a decision to grab it, and make a monumental transformation in your body and health! Tired and pissed off at being confused by all the “expert advice”, not knowing what nutrition or training plan you should take to start seriously burning fat and gaining muscle. If you’ve tried to transform your body before, only to lose motivation quickly. If you’re finally SERIOUS about changing your life, burning off the fat, building muscle, confidence, and creating the body you KNOW you DESERVE … Then don’t wait any longer, grab this 4 part audio today, and get yourself on the sure path to a more healthy, leaner body, and a life with more freedom and happiness. Each audio will be delivered to you vby download in MP3 format. If you’ve never heard of MP3 format audios, relax, almost every computer can play MP3 audio, and of course you can play these in a portable MP3 player like an IPOD or even burn these MP3’s on to CD’s as well. Should you have any trouble playing or downloading the audio, simply , and we’ll help you out. We accept all major credit cards for this package, we also accept PayPal. Your order will be processed through a transaction. Click here to grab your copies today, you’ll be glad you did! YES! Give Me Tom Venuto’s 4 Part Interview, Risk-Free For 8 Weeks, At The Special Discount Rate Kacper, I’m ready to make a drastic shift in my body and health this year, I know with this audio package I will not only get the TRUTH about weight-loss and sculpting the body I truly deserve, but also how to deliver the mind-set to overcome procrastination and guarantee my success! I understand that because I am ordering now, during the special discount offer promotion, I will only be charged a of $47.00 (Regularly priced at $59.95), and that there will be NO additional charges of any kind. I understand that I am getting both the audio MP3 recordings of all 4 interviews, and the transcripts, so I can fully absorb this profound information. I understand that that this product is a download in MP3 format and that no physical products will be shipped. I realize that I can listen to these on my computer, download them into my MP3 player or even burn them onto my own CD. Yes, I know I have an . If I’m not completely satisfied with the information I get from these audio recordings, and I feel I can’t use this information to make DRASTIC changes and improvements with my health and body, I can request a full refund, and have my entire investment returned, no questions asked. Click Here to Order Now – 100% Risk FREE8 Week TrialMoney Back Guarantee! PS. Remember, you have a full 8 weeks to take and use this information, there’s absolutely risk on your part to grab this information and start creating a revolutionary change in your life. PPS. If you’ve tried to change your body before, but didn’t succeed at all, or if you only gotmarginal results, I recommend you grab this package, because what Tom shares with you in the first audio alone will teach you how to create die-hard persistance, , and repgoram your subconscious mind on “autopilot” for success with your body. This special price of only $47 (regularly $59.95), will NOT be available for much longer, so don’t wait, grab it today, you’ll be glad you did. * IMPORTANT NOTE!: This product is an audio recording that you download onto your computer in MP3 format. No physical products will be shipped. A CD image is displayed on this webpage because it is an AUDIO product (MP3), which you can burn onto a CD if you want to. (You can also listen to these recordings on your computer or mp3 player)
Tom Venuto’s Exclusive 4 Part Audio Series – Burn The Fat TeleSeminars.com

The Body Of Your Dreams: A 4-part Audio Tele-seminar By Respected Fitness Expert, Tom Venuto.

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