Cancer Uncensored – A Guide To Cancer Prevention And Cancer Survival

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What connects the people that DONT get cancer? What connects the people that SURVIVE cancer? Read Cancer Uncensored to find out.+ The top foods that significantly reduce your risk. + The top foods shown in studies to kill cancer cells. + The top things to do to reduce your risk. + The top things to avoid to reduce your risk. + How to use your psychology to increase survival rates. + Much, much more.Dont be afraid. I know this topic seems scary, but this guide tells you exactly what you need to do to avoid cancer. It covers how you can make your body a hostile environment for cancer cells and how to keep your immune system healthy. Many people will happily let their Doctor test their blood pressure and listen to their heart beat yet heart disease is the biggest cause of deaths in the Western world. Cancer is seen as FAR more frightening, but a little bit of knowledge can lead to a LOT of prevention.No red tape here. This information works in conjunction with conventional or alternative medicine.Cancer is at its highest levels ever, with 1 in 3 people estimated to be diagnosed within their lifetime. Equally, cancer treatment success rates havent noticeably improved since 1975 despite the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on research. Incredibly, even though the effectiveness of the mainstream protocols of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is questionable, they are the only legally allowable cancer treatments. ALL other potential means of eliminating cancer are legally prohibited from being called treatments by EU directives and US law. This has the effect of creating a monopoly on treatment and suppresses all other treatment possibilities.Yet there is now A LOT of research data to indicate the value of natural substances available in foods. Substances that greatly reduce cancer incidence in laboratory studies, foods which actively kill cancer cells in laboratory conditions things we can EASILY add to our diet. This is what Cancer Uncensored is all about. It draws together what connects the people who DONT get cancer. What makes them different?We cannot speak of cures. We cannot legally mention anything as a treatment unless it is surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. But we CAN tell you of the compelling studies that showAs I said, no red tape here. This is solid scientific data that can help you adjust what you eat to give you the best chances of prevention and increase the odds of your survival if you have been diagnosed.With Cancer Uncensored,[…] – Cancer Prevention, Early Detection and Cancer Survival

85% of cancer is preventable. Discover The top foods that significantly reduce your risk. The top foods shown in studies to kill cancer cells. A step-by-step approach, complete with cheat sheets for success.

1 In 3 Of Us Will Be Diagnosed With Cancer, Yet 85% Of Cancer Is Preventable. Learn How To Increase Survival Rates, With This In-depth Step-by-step Ebook. Exclusive Audio, Video, Articles, Recipes And Research Is Also Available Via A Subscription Upsell.

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