Close Your First Club Gig

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Close Your First Club Gig

Warning: This offer might expire soon.If you are a DJ who for some reason CAN’T manage to get a gig no matter what you try…Are you frustrated because no matter how much you improve your DJ skills or how much you promote yourself, you cant seem to get a gig?Are you frustrated because you have spent hours if not days making that perfect mixtape to put it online or send to promoters and still get no results?Are you losing motivation for DJing because you have nogigs?Are you scared to think that maybe DJing might not be your thing?If you don’t know me.. I’m Luizz, founder ofLuizz DJ Tips.In this article I’m gonna show you…Listen, I know what you are going through.I know you spend an entire week preparinga mixtape, hoping that someone recognizes your talent, only to put it up online and have only your closest friends listen to it.Then the next month you record another mixtape thinking this is it…Only to find out that the same thing happens again.Despite how great your mixtape is… you can’t seem to get enough attention for it.And now that SoundCloud is screwing youwith copyrights… You ask yourself: "What the f**k am I going to do now to become more successful? How will I get any gigs?"Since you can’t post any mixtapes, you have stopped practicing.You are starting to lose motivation to DJ.You scratch your head the whole night thinking of a possible way to move forward as a DJ.Maybe the one time you had an opportunity you screwed up because you were too desperate.I totally get what you’re going through… And it sucks.I was just like you.I was ready to quit DJing for once.I started out with a laptop messing around with VirtualDJ. Inspired by watching all those big DJs play at the big festivals.At first, it wasjust for fun… until one day I decided I was good at DJing (or so I thought) and wanted to give it a try.I remember I used to sign up for contests to win a spot at the lineup ofa festival.And yes, I was only using a laptop!I would submit my mixtapes and promote them to get as many likes as I could.With all the hard work I put into the mixes, they hardly got 10 likes.Later on, I kept doingother mixtapes and stuff like that, butstill no more than 10 likes.In my freshman year of college I finally decided to invest in acontroller with money from my own savings I wanted to be considered a real DJ.That was my first step to take my DJing to the next level.But I kept making mixtapes and I would see no results.I thought that because I now had a DJ[…]
Close Your First Club Gig | Luizz DJ Tips

Warning: This offer might expire soon. “Discover The 10 Little-Known Secrets Every DJ Needs To Know To Land Your First DJ Gig In Less Than A Month…” Luizz DJ Tips If you are a DJ who for some reason

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