Clubbell & Barbell Strength Legacy

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In his new program, Coach Gallazzi seeks to address these negative adaptions with barbell training by incorporating improved mobility, neurological motor patterns, and recovery techniques using another complementary ancient strength tool – the Clubbell.For all the great aspects of the barbell, like many tools, most people lack the proper understanding of the tools design, their own bodys capabilities, and a guidance of proper mobility required to execute the correct technique in order to maximize benefits from the barbell. Unaddressed mobility restrictions in a person create negative physical adaptions that only become worse under such heavy weight loads. Incorporating enhanced mobility and movement knowledge from the Clubbell, this new program keeps you to training across full ranges of motion which translates into greater understanding and command of the barbell. The Clubbell is able to create positive strength adaptions in ranges of motion that no other tool can access with enough challenge to create change. The Clubbell, with its displaced center of mass and natural grip, is unlike any other tool for exposing weak links in our kinetic chain and addressing imbalances.Coach Gallazzi shows you 4 of the primary compound lifts of the barbell for developing strength; but builds up the foundation for each lift with three specific Clubbell movements that turn on your neurological movement patterns to enhance the technique of each of the featured barbell lifts.With three different program variations to choose from, this design ensures you can hone in on the program that addresses your current training demands while leaving you with subsequent programs thereafter to follow up on the results you have worked to gain.Coach Gallazzi also provides some of the best technical expositions and breakdowns while also equipping you with the correct regressions, progressions, and alternatives for when you may not have a barbell or conditioning tool on hand.With the conjoined strength skills of the Clubbell translated to the progressive compound lifts of the barbell; both tools effectively work together to enhance your technique, power, athletic development, and body composition. As you become stronger with the Clubbell, you become more powerful with the barbell, and the development of all your movements and strength-skills begin to further progress along with them.For those who spend ample time within the functional training realm and train multiple rages of motion, there ar[…]

A First-of-its Kind Approach, Presented By Tacfit Educational Director Alberto Gallazzi, In Applying Specific Clubbell Exercises To Build Up The Structural Load Development Required For Safe And Effective Barbell Lifting Strength.

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