Comfort Foods And Tailgate Treats By The Get In Shape Girl

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Quick Message From The Get In Shape Girl As a Southern Girl I understand the importance of a Tailgate Party. All my life I have associated Saturdays with Buffalo Wings & BBQs and now that I have the BODY I want, I do not want to lose my results. Nutrition will make or break the hard work you put into your training. Rather than staying away from the GOOD TIMES all together or RUINING your RESULTS, treat yourself with HEALTHY Versions of your Favorite Foods!No one wants to spend their life eating Steamed Broccoli & Boiled Chicken Day in and Day out We Want Some Flavor!! Lets Face it, even if you try to survive on a bland diet you are going to start to crave JUNK FOOD and one CHEAT turns into another and then an entire day of binging on SUGAR and SALTY & FATTY FOODS that are going to make you feel horrible.MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. I BET you know exactly what I am talking about, dont you? So many people who want to lose body fat think it is BLACK and WHITE all rabbit food or Chinese takeout and Pizza. THATS TOTALLY FALSE!!Is This Familiar? Dont Worry You Are Not Alone. Let Me Paint A Picture For You.Before I began getting creative in the kitchen, I experienced a lot of anxiety around food and social settings. Every Friday I would end the week riding the HIGH of the LOW number on the SCALE & Feeling THIN. But I would DREAD Saturday MorningsDread them because I knew all my hard work was about to be thrown OUT THE WINDOW! Dread that the VISIBLE ABS I was staring at were about to be hidden for days & that the scale was inevitably going to go back up. Even though I was following my plan PERFECTLY Monday through Friday AND WORKING OUT 6 Days a week, I was still Yo-Yoing week in and week out. No one deserves to feel that kind of DREAD especially on the best days of the week!!Frustrated with the ups and downs of the scale & constantly feeling like the only way my weekend wouldnt ruin me is if I stayed HOME ALONE.I began playing around in the Kitchen.Since then, I have been able to enjoy my FAVORITE FOODS on the weekends, Go to Tailgate Parties & BBQs with my friends AND maintain my lean body all week long!How Many Times Have You Felt TRAPPED Because of Food?Why stay home and miss out on all the FUN because you do not think there will be anything healthy for you to eat? Have you ever felt like you had to bring your own foods to parties and worry that your friends may say something behind your back about always pushing your Diet Food on the[…]

Don’t Ruin Your Hard Work All Week Long At The Gym By Going To Parties And Tailgates Eating The Wrong Foods! This Ebook Has 40 Recipes So You Can Stay On Track All Weekend Long! Special Commission Rates For Those With Experience. Email For More Info.

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