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Hi, My name is Tom Bacon. Im 27 years old, from Manchester, England and currently studying computer programming at University. Id also like to introduce you to Mark Howdon. Mark is also 27 years old, from Birmingham, England and is currently studying science at University…… And Together We Created The Only Tipster Service That You Can Really Rely On.Quick Introduction; It all started back in 2014 when Mark and I started University. We didnt know each other but quickly became friends. As with most students I was pretty much broke. (Obviously I had beer money,lol), but day to day I was living off food left over from the night before, you get my drift Anyway, I did what any other self-respecting student did when they need money, NO I DIDNT GET A JOB… I Placed All Of My Money OnIt was the 2.10 at Leicester, 100 Stake, guaranteed 500 Profit, Nice one Ron, looking forward to splashing the cash, Thank you very much! But there was one small problem…Wait a minute But I was told this was a guaranteed win. What happened?! Ill tell you what happened, I got led down the garden path! I told Mark about my unfortunate situation and to be honest he had zero compassion. In fact, he said and I quote, Are you serious? What an idiot. We started discussing betting and our best wins and worst losses, the usual guy talk over a couple of beers while watching Sky Sports, when we decided to Google betting Systems and betting system reviews. It threw up hundreds of different websites all claiming that they held the secret to winning at the bookies. After reading the reviews it was enough evidence for us to see that the majority of these sites were bogus! Mark then suggested that we do a little research and see if we could somehow create an actual system that worked, or at least one that won more than it lost. This became a serious hobby and after many months of research we can confirm that… There Is No Secret Mathematical Formula That Calculates Wins!However; We did find that after placing bets based on actual FACTS, we won 7 out of 10 bets. The facts that determine if a bet is placed or not are: We then research each of the above, comparing facts based over a 1-year period. For example: Today horses X, Y and Z are running at the 3.30 York. There are 7 runners, the ground is ‘good’, the distance is 2 mile… We then cross reference each horse against each other over a 1-year period. After a lengthly process we are presented with the horse that is most likely to win. T[…]

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