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Cosmic Ordering Secrets

“Dear Zoey, Miracles happen. After more than a year of chemo, and a week of radiation, my Mother was dying of invasive breast cancer. I could see it in her eyes, while I had tears in mine. Although I had tried other methods without success, that night I placed my cosmic order with the universe. Just as you suggested. This time though was different. I felt that feeling, just as you had described. A couple months later, we met with her oncologists. They were speechless. Every single tumor had vanished. There was no trace of cancer in her body. Your words are an inspiration and godsend. I can’t thank you enough.” “Cosmic Ordering Secrets was just what I needed to turn my life around. I’d been jobless ever since the recession started. I placed my cosmic order and I was amazed. I got a job on a cruise line that travels the Caribbean islands. Sweet!” “Dear Zoey, Miracles happen. “Never in a million worlds did I expect the kind of response I got from the universe. I asked the universe to be a paid, published fiction author. After 2 long years of rejection, a very big publishing giant has given me a 5-figure advance on my book. I’m on my way! All because of Cosmic Ordering Secrets.” “I truly believe this works as I have placed 2 orders now and they already are coming true! I placed a cosmic order in early March for some debt relief. Nothing happened initially. The next month I got exactly what I wanted! It could not have been closer to the request. I have now left a second cosmic order and am eager with anticipation.” “I wished to be blessed with a financial windfall and received a check for $5910. It came about a week after my due date but I am so happy to have this blessing. For once I found something that works.” ���Are you saying the affirmations, vision boards, amulets and touchstones don���t work?��� Ok, the straight answer is by themselves, no. However, they CAN be a catalyst for getting to that mental, emotional, spiritual place you need to be to have your request fulfilled. Various religions use certain rituals for precisely this reason. To alter your state of consciousness. So if these are helpful to you, by all means go for it. Just don���t think they���ll get you what you want all by themselves. For that, you���ll need to follow the instructions I lay out in the Cosmic Ordering Secret program. So go ahead and click the button below now. ���Can���t this information be used for evil?��� Thankfully, the answer is no. Otherwise, I would have never have published it. Those who desire evil can not effectively communicate in the presence of unconditional, boundless love of the universe and expect to get what they ask for. The universe is loving. It���s just that simple. So if you���re considering placing Cosmic Orders for evil purposes, please whatever you do, do not click the button below now. ���What kinds of things can I ask for?��� Well, of course you can ask for all kinds of material things, if that���s what you want. People also ask for raises and promotion. Certain business opportunities. Fame. Breakthroughs of all sorts. Health, wealth, and prosperity. These days, I tend to ask for experiences. Things I wouldn���t normally have experienced in my day to day life. Meeting special people, a special connection with someone, a trip to a place I���ve never been. I���ve been to Peru. Chichen Itza. The Giza pyramids. So many. I take a couple of extended trips a year with friends I���ve made through the seminars. To get you started, I���ve included a special guide 101 Cosmic Orders. It will open your mind, and give you lots of ideas. It���s yours when you click the button below now. Everything is instant access. Everything’s downloadable. It���s all there waiting for you in the private members area! ���Can I ask for things for others?��� Of course. I don���t quite know why, but the universe seems to fulfill those Cosmic Orders faster than others. For instance, if you’re trying to help someone in poor health, you���ll notice an almost immediate response. I suspect it the energy, frequency and vibration is amplified when ���Can you really command the universe to give you something?��� You can���t command the universe to do anything. That���s absurd. We���re working with the laws of the universe. However, you CAN request. You can ask. You can stack the cards in your favor by asking in a way that universe and can respond. That���s exactly what I show you how to do in Cosmic Ordering Secret. �����Can you really ask for anything?��� The answer to that is no. Not quote ���anything���. For instance, you can���t ask for things that might harm yourself or others. You can���t ask for anything out of jealousy or mean-spiritedness. If that���s what you want to do, please don���t click the button below. �����Do you recommend asking for easy stuff first and then hard things?��� You can do that, but you don���t have to do that. It���s just as easy for the universe to do something big as it is to do something small. In other words, what maybe hard for you, like curing cancer, is a snap for the universe. You���ll see the first time or two you try Cosmic ordering as I describe in Cosmic Ordering Secret. So go ahead and try it. There���s no risk. You have 60 days to put Cosmic Ordering to the test. “Do I need to buy anything? Like a magic wand, a genie lamp, or a mirror?” You don���t have to, but if it allows you to enter that state more easily, by all means. For instance, I have this friend who does this ritual on a rebounder, jumping up and down, staring into a candle in the dark, saying his mantra over and over. Hey, if it works for you, I���m not going to say no. But all you really need to do is in Cosmic Ordering Secret. So go ahead and click the button below now. �����Does taking certain drugs help or does drinking alcohol make a difference?��� Some people swear by it, but I don���t encourage it. Candidly, I think it generates false positives, where you think you���ve made a connection but it���s your mind playing tricks on you. But this is just an opinion. What I do know it you don���t need drugs or alcohol to create a strong, energetic connection with the universe. ���What happens if you do Cosmic Ordering with other people?��� Amazing, I found the results are amplified. Imagine if a couple, or a family or a community wanted something and they all knew this technology. It would be a mind blow, wouldn���t it? I���ve seen results is less than 24 hour many times. Even on big things. So when you get Cosmic Ordering Secret, don���t doubt for a second that it���s possible. Because it most certainly is. It just depends on you following through on the instructions I lay out in the program. ���So why doesn���t any of this other stuff work when I���ve been told it does?��� This is my opinion. Those other resources try to convey information. Based upon what I���ve witnessed, information alone doesn���t achieve anything. It like dusty books on a shelf that go unread. Full of potential. What I���m going for in what I train you in Cosmic Ordering and what folks say I���ve achieved, is AN EXPERIENCE, a precious single moment in time, where you KNOW you are infinitely loved, where you and the universe are one. From that state of immersion, anything for you is possible when you know how to ask. ���It sounds to good to be true. Are you really guaranteeing I���ll be successful with Cosmic Ordering?��� You really don���t have to take my word for it. Sure, as I���ve shown you, knowing the right way to do Cosmic Ordering has changed my life. As well as the lives of thousands of others. If the laws of attraction have yet to fulfill their promise to you, I encourage you to try Cosmic Ordering Secret for yourself. There���s no risk. ClickBank���s reputation is impeccable when it comes to refunding everyone that asks. That���s why I went with them rather than trying to do it on my own. Thankfully, the response to Cosmic Ordering Secret has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. But the truth of the matter is everyone���s results will be different. And I���ve tried to take that into account. So go ahead and click the button below and try it for yourself. Try it on something big, something small, it doesn���t matter. I���m going to share one last thing and then I���m done. Maybe Cosmic Ordering can help you and maybe it can���t. The only way you���ll know is unless you try it. During my quest, I must of have tried hundreds of things. Even some of the weird things that you do Thankfully, Cosmic Ordering is isn���t weird. It isn���t uncomfortable. It doesn���t require belief. It just requires that you do it. Fully and completely. Do that, and I can assure you a successful outcome. No matter what it is you wish for.
Cosmic Ordering Secrets

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