Creative Entertainment Wealth

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Creative Entertainment Wealth

I train in many ways of marketing, plus other things, and the following are samples of what is in the back office. This $7 product allows you to resell it for 60%. This price will go up.Millions of creative people are out there with nowhere or no one to turn to and no knowledge of how to get their giftings and talents on the map, and into the public domain. I am an author and a mentor in breakthrough ideas and techniques to explode your creativity onto the world scene and become wealthy and get what your talents and ideas are really worth. I knock on doors and do much research and you can be the mentoreerecipient of my experience and education in the schoolof hard knocks. Currently, I am writing a screenplay to a series which I plan to present to Netflix. I share much of what I have found out on practical, professional and legal issues. I tell the nitty-gritty of the industry but I also encourage and inspire people to excel with their dreams.Included Bonus: I am an ordained minister and the author of the Christian blog, The Money Steward and the Christian based thriller novel, Hungry Nation, a bonus product included here. This product contains an e-book copy of the 218 page novel in PDF format. ($6 Value) It isa social-economic thriller and supernatural story about America. In the novel, people are dealing with angels, demons, with great loss and economic collapse and using silver and gold and guns for survival! Read it before the sequel comes out. This novel can help you get a mind-set to set up protections for your family against crisis.Another Bonus: Included in this product is a dynamic e-book by Greg Nichols, "How to Seek Out, Set Up and Market Your Own $2 or $3 Internet Product and sell Thousands of Them!"Traffic Exchange Explosion – As an Internet marketer, in this product I show you ways to increase traffic and build an online presence, especially as it pertains to – a simple but not the only method to earn a fortune online through my mentoring. You get this very website with your own click-link to it, and you get 60% (of $7)which is $4.20 every time you resell it in your own traffic exchanges or to your contacts.My road map to set it up and how I sell it in traffic exchanges is in the back office, plus many exchanges are there that I use too. The cost of this product is $7 and just 2 sales creates commissions of $4.20 x 2 = $8.40. Getting the mentoring helps in the back office can increase your conversions dramatically. The cost of less[…]
Creative Entertainment Wealth

Learn Details Of Breaking In To The Entertainment Industry And How To Write, Conceive And Bring Substance To Your Ideas. Greg Nichols Is An Author And Currently Writing A Screenplay. Greg Brings You Along To Learn The Details.

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