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What is Creative Visualization?

Let me start by saying life is an unfathomable mystery.Maybe you recognize that quote. Doesn’t matter.What’s important is that you let in the truth behind it.See, if you’ve got life ‘all figured out’ then you’re most likely living a mediocre life. Which is fine for most people. Each day is the same. Yesterday was like today. Today will be like tomorrow. Tomorrow will be like the next day.Frankly, I’d rather blow my brains out. But that’s just me. I didn’t come down here to be one more little drone.I came here for a reason!Try to remember back with me, before you were born. Waiting to come to this place called Earth. Wanting to DO something. Having a purpose. Coming in with specific goals in mind. You came here to shake things up – not hide in the sand.And remember those big dreams you had from childhood and adolescence? You were going to make a difference. And conquer the world. Remember?So how’s it going?Life kinda got in the way, didn’t it?The dreams had to be put aside. Too much ‘stuff’ to deal with. You didn’t know life would turn out like this.You’re not done. Not by a long shot. Something can come along and sweep you up and all of a sudden you’re in a brand new world. The world you wanted all along. The world of your dreams.It CAN happen. Life can change in an instant. Problem is, you don’t know what ‘instant’ it is. You don’t know when it will happen. Or even how it can happen.And that’s the way it should be. If you were ‘certain’ – then it never would happen.You think Einstein was certain? Or any other genius or great thinker, for that matter?Just because you’re going through your little issues right now, or maybe even beaten down by life, that doesn’t mean you came here to live a mediocre life.In fact, I’ve discovered that pain and suffering, trials and tribulations, can actually be a springboard to overwhelming success.You can live the life of your dreams. Even if you’re currently stuck in struggle. You didn’t come here to live a life of pain. You came here to OVERCOME that pain.Let it in. You have a reason to be here. You have a mission. You have goals bigger than you. Because when you overcome your own little problems, you will be an inspiration to others.Simply being happy is making the world a better place.Maybe you’re depressed. REALLY depressed. Well, maybe you came here just to feel a little better. Maybe you took on the burden in this lifetime just so you could learn to live a normal life.Or maybe you’re scared to death, like I used to be[…]
What is Creative Visualization?

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