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I received a credit report from Experian notifying me that they will no longer investigate items on my report without documentation to prove the items we are disputing are being reported incorrectly. I want to understand what the next steps? A.That is one of the various stall tactics the credit bureaus use in order to discourage consumers to continue disputing with them. When this happens, just stick to the plan andcontinue with the dispute process.My credit score went down after my dispute, why is that? A.There is a possibility that your score can go down while working on your file. There are a variety of reasons that this may happen such as new negative information reporting on your file, falling behind on payments, being above on your debt to credit ratio or not having enough positive tradelines on your credit report to make up for the negative accounts you have reporting. These are some of the most common factors. We cannot control these factors so we ask for your patients and after repairing your credit, we can work with you on ways to improving your credit score.My mortgage broker pulled my credit score and it is different than the one on the website I signed up for, why is that? A.That is because there are 49 different scoring models out there. That means you can have one credit score showing on Credit Check Total as a 650 and show up on Privacy Guard as 700. As confusing as it may sound, the only scoring model you need to focus on is the FICO model, which is used by almost every industry. The FICO model runs on a scale of 300 to 850 with a 720+ considered as an excellent credit score. You can get this scoring model on and also has also added this scoring model in 2015 as well.If I pay a collection account off, will it come off my credit report? A.Simply paying off an account or collection does not guarantee that it will be deleted from your credit report. It will stay on your credit report as a paid collection which will remain on your credit report for up to 7 years. You can get the collection account removed off your report legally if you catch the collection agency in violation. We can assist you with this process.Will signing up with or lower my credit score? A.When you request your own report, which is considered a soft pull, it has no impact on your credit scores. When you are applying for financing and the company requests a hard pull, then that will generate an inquir[…]
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