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That YOU Can Get For6 templates have a HIGH PERCEIVEDVALUE which means conversions are high and theprices people will pay are also high. In short, there are always huge numbers of peoplelooking for new employment and those people areoften under a time crunch AND want to attain every’edge’ over competing applicants possible. Quality, premade,instantly downloadable resume templates excellently satisfy BOTH these URGENT desires (andthey are incredibly easy to produceand market!)We have been monitoring the performance of this shopfor the last 12 months during which time they made5,924 sales!! (that averages out at 16 sales per day!) Their prices range from $13.95 to $36.85 PROVING people are willing to payPREMIUM PRICES for resume templates! and at those prices with 16 sales per day they’re doing quite well!…..JUST DO THE MATH…AND EVEN MORE PROOF!!Here’s what you’ll discover in your valuable course package!!is an that can help differentiate YOU from other sellers! This BONUS guide shows you how to create a VALUABLE BUNDLE OF EXTRAS that YOURCUSTOMERS WILL LOVE!… AND… You can include THE SAME EXTRAS BUNDLE with ALL your Resume Templateoffers! Create ONCE Sell FOREVER!!!Add your OWN CUSTOMIZED VERSION of these valuable extras and include this SAMEBUNDLE with EVERY LISTING you create!… And watch your conversion rates EXPLODE!! People HATE writing resumes and most people lack the writing skills and confidence to puttogether the best possible resume…The more SUPPORTING MATERIALS you can offer, themore CONFIDENT people will be in buying your SOLUTION! And these extras are really SIMPLE to create guide shows you HOW! (step bysimple step!)You’ll ALREADY get plenty of FREE BUYER TRAFFIC from ETSY… NOW do you want even MORE FREE BUYER TRAFFIC?? In this EASY to follow BONUS guide, you’ll discover how to use either Instagram OR Pinterest (or BOTH!!) to bring in even MORE BUYER TRAFFIC for your resume LOOK If you’ve ALREADY created your templates and listed them, the HARD PART(actually not so hard at all!) is DONE!! Why NOT bring in MORE BUYERS to these SAMEOFFERS and get an even BIGGER WINDFALL?? DON’T leave your eggs in one basket!! Instead of just getting sales FROM ETSY, whynot ALSO get sales from INSTAGRAM & TOO! (or at least have the OPTION!) This guide reveals the secrets getting TARGETED BUYER TRAFFIC from BOTH & with MINIMUM TIME and MINIMUM EFFORT![…]
Custom Template Treasure Chest Is A Powerful, High-quality, Multi-media, Step By Step Course That Shows People How To Make Great Profits Offering Printable Resume Templates On Etsy.

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