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Im just like all of you: At one point, I just let life get in the way of my health and overall fitness. I have 4 kids (yes, I have had 1 more since this picture) and I love to eat: So, well, I wound up on the wrong side of 200 lbs. (Im short, so 200 lbs. is a lot for me), was out of energy, and couldnt keep up with my kids.Then, I accidentally discovered Ketosis (before I even knew what it was, more on that in a second) and the next thing I know, I was shedding fat without even trying.It all happened when I got my first smoker. I just love being outside and grilling up something delicious like burgers, ribsyou name it. But then I got that smoker and spent so much time smoking up the perfect meat that my carb cravings literally disappeared: Along with loads of fat!After about 2 weeks with my new smoker, my wife asked me if I had lost weight because I was looking so good. I said no but I hadnt been weighing myself but had been eating so much meat I couldnt imagine I could have shed any weight.Later that night, I jumped on the scale and sure enough: I had lost 10 pounds on autopilot. Thats when I discovered the Keto Diet because I wanted to know how I could possibly shed weight, eat foods I loved, and feel a LOT more energy. Today, Im all in. I added the workouts, studied how to scientifically trigger ketosis with each meal and force my metabolism to constantly burn ketones instead of glucose.Since I discovered the Keto Diet, Ive started 3 different businesses thanks to the clearer mind, more energy, and an increased drive for greatness. Simply put: I feel amazing and look a lot better too! All from using a diet so simple and delicious, I didnt even realize I was on it until my wife noticed my weight loss![…]
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