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Always a bridesmaid, never a brideI should start charging for my services Katie smirked half-heartedly during the dessert course of our dinner. She tried to smile as she said it but I knew that deep down inside she was in pain.I made eye contact with her and said, Stop that. Youre not destined to be alone forever. You can get married this year to the man of your dreams if thats what you want.Katie came out to dinner with me to get my advice on her situation because she knows my proven track record with helping women find true love. Ive spent years coaching thousands of women through the obstacles that kept them from finding the one.I understand exactly what triggers to activate in a man to make him fall deeply in love and eternally dedicated to the one woman. These buttons make any man you desire chase you and jump through hoops to prove his love to you.Katie calmed down once she accepted my assurances that she wasnt doomed to die alone. She said to me, Im just at my whits end. No matter what I do, my relationships never last and the woman I get left for gets proposed to within months. Its not fair.Honestly, I love helping women solve their relationship obstacles and get a man who would fight off a rabid grizzly bear to be with them for life. No matter who Im coaching, I hear the same problems over and over again:The man begins pulling away, he stops answering calls or texts, and then finally gives some excuse like, Its not you, its me before he disappears for good.Katies situation was no different. Her ex ignored her around other people, he dismissed her accomplishments, and even told her she needed to lose weight to get his affection back.She couldnt help but compare her relationship to other women she saw happy in love with men who doted on them and bent over backwards to make them happy. Meanwhile, her own ex had been pulling away more and more as each day went by.
Desire Formula

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