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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on March 27th. I was shocked and devastated! No symptoms or problems before that. I had purchased the Diabetes Solution Kit a week or so before that, when the doctor’s office had called to run another GTT. Having read it through, I had already started on it when my doctor saw me. I showed her some of your information and the sample diet. She was pleased and said to continue with what I was doing. As of today, April 18th, I have lost 18 pounds and not one single glucose number has been out of normal range! Thanks to all of you at Barton for the Diabetes Solution Klt and for your support. I have told numerous friends, even those without diabetes, about your kit. It’s a great weight loss tool all by itself! I can’t thank you enough![…]
Reverse Diabetes

Take control of your health. Discover how to use all-natural remedies to reverse your diabetes!

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