Diy Earthing Grounding Apparatus And More.

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Diy Earthing Grounding Apparatus And More. preview. Click for more details

Earthing Grounding 101

So, you made it to the Official Earthing/Grounding Page ProjectFirst of all I want to say welcome! Youre here because you have probably spent hours of internet research and frustration trying to figure it all out. I get it, I did the same thing. Not to mention the cost! Man I couldnt believe the prices on some of this stuff. Like bracelets that you ground one wire to the ground plug on the electrical outlet, or sheets for hundreds of dollars.I eventually came across a machine thats supposed to simulate the Earths resonance frequency, but it was several hundred dollars. That machine made sense for someone like me who lives in a state where its below freezing in the winter and we only have 4 months of spring and summer combined. That really limits your barefoot walking to just a few hours per week. That limited my familys access to good health and I cant let that happen. So I could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to equip my family, or use the years of experience in electronics and telecommunication I already have. I put my experience to work and I came up with a solution that will not use any electricity, will not cost you hundreds of dollars and it will put you in direct contact with the Earths resonance (7.38) frequency in the comfort of your own home or office. Youre probably thinking uh, oh. Here is another waist of time. Hear me out! You might have most of the things that I am talking about in your garage right now. Or for a few bucks pick up what you need from a second hand store or your local hardware store. I will even make it easier for you. I will provide links online where you can purchase the things you need and have them delivered right to your door. Thats right! I have an eBook with instructions, relevant information on Earthing and best of all you can do it yourself. I will even provide any upgrades that I come up with to you for free when you purchase my eBook. Dont worry, it wont break the bank. All Im asking is 40 bucks. Our product comes with total satisfaction or we will refund your purchase within 60 days if you are not satisfied for any reason.[…]
Earthing Apparatus | The MobiGuy Experts

Build your own Earthing Apparatus for indoors use. No electricity or electronic gadgets require, learn more today!

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