Dorn Spinal Therapy

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Spine-Healing with The DORN-Method

The DORN-METHOD – Spine-Healing on it’s best level – Everyone should know about & use it!With the "DORN-Spinal-Therapy" – A simple and effective adjustment of the spine, the pelvis, legs & joints – – You will be successful and helpful – – Learn it – Apply it – Get fast results! – Profit from it – You will be amazed how simple it is – NOW "DORN SPINAL THERAPY" VIDEO HOME LEARNING COURSE AVAILABLE! The DORN Spinal Therapy Home Learning Course – Part -I-, Part -II- and Part -III- For a limited time now only 295.- US $ Effective, easy to use, easy to learn. Success since more than 40 years! The DORN-METHOD is an easy way to resolve misalignments of the spine, the vertebrae itself, the pelvis and the joints. Related to the joint treatment is the correction of different leg length possible. The DORN-METHOD was received around 40 years ago from Dieter Dorn, a layman-healer in Germany. Since then thousands of people have been treated very successfully and with mostly instant results. Meanwhile thousands of people have learned the DORN-Method for professional reason or to help their families, friends or neighbourhood. The DORN-METHOD uses different practical applications than the "Main Stream-Medicine". In it’s theoretical approach, it uses simple static principles, which have to be present in a healthy body and uses the movement of parts of the body, which the treated person is doing for him/herself during the therapy. This is a key-difference to normal therapy. The person who is treated, is involved with his/her own action and movement as part of the healing process. This site will show some principles about the DORN-METHOD and will help to spread this easy to use and very effective therapy around the world. The DORN-METHOD should get it’s acknowledgement as a favorite way of Spine-Healing Treatments in the world. It is a method which has very low costs involved (often the problems are within one or two treatments resolved) but is really helping and treat the cause of the illnesses of the people. This wonderful therapy should be in the hands of all Healers, Physical Therapists, Physiotherapist, Masseurs, Massagers or Medical Doctors. In Germany it is already a standard, to treat people with the DORN-METHOD for Back Pain and many Spinal and Pelvical Disorders. To help that this method get it’s place as a standard treatment in the world is my goal and the reason creating this site. I work since more than 23 years with the DORN […]
Spine-Healing with The DORN-Method

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Spine-healing With The "dorn-spinal-therapy" – A Simple And Effective Adjustment Of The Spine, The Pelvis, Legs & Joints

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