Downrange Density

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Downrange Density

I am going to share with you what I was forced to develop for myself. Because of my own physical and mental challenges, I had no other choice than to find the quantifiable marker for "enough" exercise. And I did, through mostly error and a lifetime of trials. But now, I have isolated the exact measures which guarantee success. Because of epigenetics, we DO know what ALL humans require, and what individualization involves. This program involves enough time for what the human genome requires to enable sustainable peak performance.In exercise science, you learn that you don’t adapt during the work, but during the recovery periods. So, by intelligently compressing the periods of recovery, you increase the speed of adaptation. Most coaches have no idea on how to intelligently design programs, because they have good ideas that they think they should push on to you. Unfortunately, an intelligently designed program involves crafting the incremental steps that allow you to climb upward.Density training involves compressing the space between work periods. You can do this through toggling the duration of the rest periods. This is the traditional approach. In the early 2000s, I published the first Double Density training model ever released. Ive refined it over the past nearly two decades of teaching it.However, for most people, the problem isn’t the effectiveness of the formula. The problem you have most likely encountered is lacking an accurate point of departure, and lacking an ability to track your travel toward your destination.Downrange Density allows you to do that in a plug and play, self-diagnostic fashion that no other program has ever done . You determine your baseline through Step 1. Practice the exercise in Step 2. Hold your form in Step 3. And discover your progress in Step 4. And when life intervenes, you have a re-assessment ability to find out where your NEW point of origin is, so that you can re-start (because, to your brain, you are only EVER re-starting.) No other approach has ever given you a clear point of departure, method of progression toward your goal, and a measurable destination.Functional movement has long been pontificated. But what is functional? No one has considered it from the perspective of evolutionary biology. We evolved to acquire food. For humans that means hunting (or when unsuccessful in hunting, gathering edibles).Considering our design as hunters, if we are to evaluate our functional movement capabilities, it should[…]
Downrange Density

Tacfit Downrange Density Is A Complete Fitness System, With A Physical Test, Mobility, Compensations, Moderate And High Intensity Exercise Using Bodyweight Or A Backpack Or Duffle Bag. Used By The Best In The USA Military.

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