Dream Interpretation As A Science

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BooksIRecommend.com – Christina Sponias

Wisdom and Dead People in Dreams Dream Interpretation as a ScienceWisdom is an audio eBook that teaches you the meaning of life and death and the meaning of human pain, so that you can learn how to find peace and happiness and use your new wisdom to overcome depression.This precious audio eBook will make you wiser. After learning everything that the wisdom of the unconscious mind can teach you, youll feel that you have answers for all your questions and youll stop complaining.Youll stop feeling that you are a poor creature who is suffering for no good reason and youll understand what you have to do in order to find permanent happiness. You will also learn the meaning of real happiness.The poems in this eBook were translated from the Greek language and the original versions are also in the eBook. You will see how these poems can be translated into any language without losing their poetic beauty, because the poetry is found in the meaning and not in the words.This is a precious work of art as well as a philosophical, scientific and religious documentary that reveals the meaning of life and death in a beautiful and meaningful way.The truths you learn in the audio eBook Wisdom, are further explored in the eBook Dead People in Dreams which answers the following perennial questions:-Why some people have to die while they are very young-What a premature death means and what its consequences are-What the different types of premature death are and what they mean-How to find the courage to continue living after losing a loved one-How to interpret dreams about dead people (in a general sense)-The difference between dreams that give you information about the dead people in your life and dreams about dead people that give you information about yourself-Why you should never commit suicide but remain strong and face everything with courage-What the meaning of life and death is and how you can find happinessThis is, in fact, The Divine Revelation according to Christina Sponias from Brazil, since I prove in this eBook the existence of God as well as the existence of Satan.This eBook shows you that all religions have a foundation in the truth, because each one reveals certain parts of the complex truth.I was chosen from the human population to reveal the truth to the world because I had a very powerful wild side and I was saved from schizophrenia by following with precision the directions I was receiving in my dreams. I was guided by the wise unconscious mind, an organ dir[…]
BooksIRecommend.com – Christina Sponias

Scientific Dream Interpretation

The Scientific Method Of Dream Interpretation Protects You From Diseases, Mental Illnesses, And Accidents, Guaranteeing Your Mental Health Forever. This Method Is Safe And Simple. Go To My Website, Get Banners And Copy My Articles For Your Email Messages.

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