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It was time to get to work squeezing all the lemons id been given (cue the montage) Since deciding to stop headless gambling and find a sure fire way to actually earn money from my passion, Ive developed my fair share of betting systems, a few of which I still use today. However, over the years I have came across recurring flaws, for example:1. Betting systems generally have a shelf life i.e they dont remain profitable forever. Eventually the market catches up with us, so what one year is a real cutting edge system turning big profits, might become mediocre the next, then stop profiting at all the next and so on. 2. Betting systems are generally back tested to see if they are profitable. This means the rules are applied to past racing data to find what would have been the qualifying bets, and the results recorded as if we had placed our bets as normal.I wanted to put BackLucrative to the real test and prove without a doubt that it delivered the goods, and so started submitting each days bets to well known, independent websites to be reviewed. This is what the results have shown The review over at More Money Review showed a massive 178 points profit over a 3 month period -By placing all bets using real money and recording the results, I have found the average profit levels to be both substantial and consistent. Betting 10 level stakes over the past 2 years, BackLucrative has produced the following:Looking at each month individually, this is what BackLucrative has achieved:Overall, the service has produced 19 winning months from 26, so 73.08% of the time we take a profit home at the end of the month. This is unusually consistent for straight win betting, and means more reliable and regular earnings for yourself.Ramping up the staking means the profit levels can be boosted even further -I want to be as clear as possible about whats required to follow the service, so that everyone deciding to join will get the very most from their membership. Heres what you will need to get started:1. A starting bank. I recommend having a minimum 600 bankroll, since I advise using a 200 point bank to fully protect ourselves from strings of losing bets.2. 5-10 minutes per day to place your bets, ideally at or near to selection post time of 10.30am. The value we get by placing our bets early will diminish as the day goes on.3. Patience this is not a get rich quick scheme. I am looking for like minded people who are interested in earning long term revenues from their betti[…]
Backlucrative Is A Dedicated Win Betting Service For Horse Racing, With A Proven Track Record For Over Two Years Which Has Been Verified By Several Review Websites Such As Geegeez And More Money Review.

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