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Physical Immortality

Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide Covers the history of Immortality, long lived persons, and how to become physically immortal. Goes into Spiritual, Energy Body, and Physical bodies. Provides practices, exercises, advice, and supplements to live a long life. There are no limits to the length of your life if you adopt certain spiritual practices, exercises, and supplements. You too can become Physically Immortal Extending your life to 150 years and beyond is within everyones reach I had an experience at age four where I met a man at a glider field and for some reason I said to him Are you the man who never dies?. He didnt laugh at me but gave me a very strange look. Ive since learned that an immortal 500-1000 years old supposedly lives in that area. When I started reading books about highly developed adepts many years ago, the books also mentioned spiritually advanced immortals who lived many lifetimes. This was a fascinating idea to me and fueled my interest in the subject since then. Over many years Ive read books and websites on immortality, learned many spiritual and energy practices, and I finally came to a theory of immortality which has been validated by much of what Ive learned. This book goes into the history of Immortality, shows many examples of very long lived persons, then presents the theory and practices of how one can extend their life indefinitely. Some of these Chapters provide Spiritual Practices, exercises, and supplements to help you live forever. Advice is also given on attitudes and abilities to avoid accidents to help you in your quest for immortality. A Quote from a satisfied reader: I am reading your books, they are very goodLeonard Orr-(World famous immortalist, lecturer, and writerHe has been teaching about immortality, rebirthing, and removing the death urge for over forty years.) To learn more about extended longevity, Signup for our Free ECourse titled: Read about these persons who lived to ripe old ages & more: Thomas Carn, died age of two hundred and seven years. Or what about one of the Immortal MastersBabaji who some claim has been around for 9000 years LI CHING-YUN: The Longest Lived person of record-256 Years (Source-The New York Times-May 6, 1933) Why should you listen to me ? 1) My theory of immortality is also born out by what some very old persons over the age of 150 years say about why they lived so long 2) Much of the source material I used gives similar reasons […]
Physical Immortality

Covers the history of Immortality, long lived persons, and how to become immortal. Goes into spiritual books, spiritual guide,spiritual living,spiritual metaphysics,spiritual awareness,spiritual meditation, and much more.

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