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Eat Like A Warrior | How To Drop Ridiculous Amounts of Weight Eating The Foods You Love

Have women stopped checking you out? Feeling unfit, fat, or flabby, but dont want to put in the hours at the gym?Do you need to get rid of moobs, a spare tire or three, or the dreaded middle age paunch, but dont want to starve yourself? Feeling less energetic in and out of the bedroom and dont know what to do about it?Wish you could turn the clock back to when you when supermodels used to queue up for a piece of the action?Okay maybe that last bit never happened.But its still a fact, losing weight does improve your health, confidence, and yep sexual attractiveness and stamina.The dietplan for average Joes that lets you eat like a pig and still lose weight!Its hard to know where to start when it comes to losing weight, I know, most diets are far too faddy for red blooded blokes like you or me to bother with.There is a way you can eat like a pig, and Im talking 3-4 cheeseburgers plus a pint or three, and still lose the moobs.Well by following my secret formula, laid out in my time tested method for losing weight Eat Like A Warrior.An idiot proof, tried and tested method to a moob free lifeYou see I used to be fat myself. I had it all, the moobs, the paunch, the works.Not that any of that made me a bad person.I felt older, way older than my years. I looked older too. I didnt feel attractive to women anymore. My health suffered. Even my sex drive took a major hit and that was harsh for me, I have to admit.But being a solution orientated person, I got sick of sitting around feeling frustrated and flabby pretty quick. So instead of marinating in moob flesh I decided to take action and fight the flab.First, I tried a few of the popular diet plans. Nothing really happened. A few pounds here, a few added back, as soon as I slipped off the rigid, depriving, near starvation regimes.I was miserable. Whats worse was all the deprivation wasnt even doing me any good. I had barely even shifted 2lbs, even though Id been at it for a good five months.Plus I was hungry all the damn time, so hungry, I started fantasizing about food the way you fantasize about Im sure you get the pictureBasically diets were a bust for me.Then I tried the gym, but because of my job and other commitments, I couldnt go as much as I needed to see the changes I wanted. Plus, have you seen the price of a gym membership these days?So I thought Id approach the problem from another, more creative angle.The easy way to prevent becoming a fat old man way before your timeAs I was still miffed at having moo[…]
Eat Like A Warrior | How To Drop Ridiculous Amounts of Weight Eating The Foods You Love

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