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How To Make A Better Relationship at EmotionMatters Community

At last! The exact resources and training you need to reduce stress and restore contentment and happiness in your relationship The same resources that have helped Mike and Karen and more than 5,500 individual clients from 83 nationalities around the world make better relationships all in one awesome location. Welcome To Game of Intimacy Welcome, were so glad you are here! Youre about to discover how you can tap into your unique gifts and build a connected relationship. And this is very exciting for various reasons, because chances are youre in a relationship because you want to: Take back hurtful things youve said (which may have pushed your partner away) Feel more loved and more loving as you were when you first got together Be secure in your relationship (where you can relax and be yourself) Spend more time with the person you love and know thats what they want too Get relationship help to experience more emotional and physical intimacy (your ultimate goal! Our names are Mike & Karen Gosling and weve been helping people build successful relationships for a combined 37+ years! You might know us from our workshops, webinars, products or our international speaking, but if you dont thats ok. You see, we cracked the code to removing bottlenecks for our clients consistently easily efficiently all from justbuilding our own relationship and documenting our experiences and now we are passing on our knowledge to you! And by working with us, you will leverageour relationship experiences and our love for teaching and training so that you can make better relationships. Weve been a part of every aspect of an intimate relationship for 37 years, but we do not claim to be masters of everything. We want to learn from you too (hence you become an integral part of EmotionMatters Community). Weve been founders of an international coaching and counseling clinic in Australia and South East Asia, counseled thousands of clients world wide, created and run numerous workshops, spoken at countless numbers of events, written five books on emotional leadership and self-improvement, created 26 DVD/CD products, and have traveled the world . and some of that was cramped in a camper van travelling around Europe and the UK now THAT really tested our relationship skills!. But enough about us. Are you getting stuck in a certain area of your life? Are your Relationship dreams quickly turning into nightmares despite your best efforts? Are you struggling to maintain the relationship […]
How To Make A Better Relationship at EmotionMatters Community

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