Expand Your Intuition

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Lifetime Access to the Course Material As soon as you register you will be given a link to a private members area where all the course material resides. This is a 5 week course, and there will be one module released each week for a total of 5 modules. Once the course is complete, you may refer back to any or all of the course material as often as you would like.Yes, we know $147 is an incredibly good price for a 5-week course. It’s because we want you to invest in yourself. We want you to enjoy the journey. And, we have several more levels to teach you once you are done. If you are willing. If you enjoy the material, we want this to turn into a long term relationship. But for now, we’re very happy with the 5 weeks we will be spending together.[…]
Expand Your Intuition

A Product You Can Promote, And Sleep Soundly At Night! Expand Your Intuition Is A 5 Week Course Using Games And Exercises To Improve One’s Ability To "tap In" And Make Their Life Run Smoothly. New, So No Stats Yet. Test Drive It If You’d Like.

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