Explore Revelation

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Explore The Book Of Revelation | God’s Love-Letter To All Who Believe

Explore Revelation is an exploration and exegesis of the book of Revelation. It is a complete verse-by-verse compilation of the Revelation that God gave to Jesus Christ. The Apostle John received Revelation from Jesus Christ. John was instructed to reveal some things for the benefit of mankind. John recorded Revelation in the latter part of the first century. This is a 150 page, 8 1/2 X 11, color, document in the form of an eBook.Julius M. (Scotty) Scott is a retired Electronics Engineer.I worked for Sperry Gyroscope Company for 17 years.Sperry was a defense contractor and nearly everything was classified.My first electronic designs there were with vacuum tubes.We later converted to transistors then to integrated circuits and finally to computers.I was a Research and Development Engineer for Sperry. I did a lot of work there with Ships Inertial Navigation Systems.In 1969 I joined Ford Aerospace at the Johnson Manned Space Center in Houston.I was with Ford Aerospace for 21 years.Most projects at Ford Aerospace were public domain and open to the public.One of my projects there was the Color Scan Converter.The first Video back from the Moon the Broadcast Industry accepted and converted to broadcast video.The Broadcast Industry found the Video had so many problems that they demanded NASA provide broadcast standard video or they would not broadcast NASAs video.I was the lead Engineer on the project that provided the equipment that converted the space video to Broadcast Standard Video.Guess you can blame me for all that NASA video you had to watch. I was a Senior Engineering Specialist for Ford Aerospace.At Ford Aerospace I did not go to work I went to play.Being in the middle of so many fascinating things made my days go fast. My best days were spent chasing electrons around a printed circuit board.I have earned a BSEE from Hofstra University (GPA 3/4) on Long Island, New York and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from the University to Houston (GPA 3.85/4) in Houston, Texas. I was part of the honors program in both of these Universities. I am currently part of the doctoral program at Liberty University.Since retirement I have been fascinated with Bible Study and the book of Revelation.I have attended every Revelation class that has been presented in my vicinity for the past 24 years.I have led the study of Revelation in three different churches.I have found much conflicting opinions in what is being taught about Revelation.I have prepared for you all the bes[…]
Explore The Book Of Revelation | God’s Love-Letter To All Who Believe

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"explore Revelation" Is An Exploration And Exegesis Of The Book Of Revelation. It Is A Complete Verse-by-verse Compilation Of The Revelation That God Gave To Jesus Christ. The Apostle John Received Revelation From Jesus Christ.

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