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Fat Cell Killer

Of all the things that could make me cry would you believe it was a stack of pancakes? Because when I was at my lowest a single sentence from my husband as we walked out of church made me burst into inconsolable sobs And as they cheered and jumped for joy at our weekly ritual I broke down and cried the kind of soul-wrenching tears you usually save for a broken heartAnd Im only telling you all this because what happened next is very special and very beautiful Its a story Im sharing with you because I know you probably need the same kind of hope that I did on the day I hit rock bottom The day when the thought of eating pancakes broke my soul The day I could no longer stand feeling fat, ugly and frustrated in a body I didnt even recognize anymore The day I came close to giving up, because I had literally tried every diet, weight loss pill and support group in the entire universe and still wondering what folks were saying about me behind my back Oh, poor Liss she used to have such a beautiful body back in high school Well Ill tell you what happened to me! First of all, I had kids Now, I love my babies to death and Id rather weigh 300 lbs than miss a minute with them But it still didnt seem fair! I saw lots of other moms getting back in shape after their babies Heck, some of the celebrity moms Id see in the magazines had PERFECT bodies again only months after giving birth! I mean take a look at me even a couple YEARS after my youngest baby And Id love to show you pictures of when I got to be my heaviest But I was so ashamed of my body back then that I made sure there was no evidence So if you know me and youve got pics from back then please send them my way, ok Like I said though, this story has a happy ending, a terrific ending In fact, this is me now 37 lbs lighter and slimmer than high school or any other time in my lifeWhich is why I wanted to share my story with you I want you to dare to hope again And if youre in that dark place I was in I want to lift you out and lift you up Because what youre about to discover is not just another diet or weight loss plan And its something so new that barely any trainers, nutritionists or even doctors know about it just yet Because its the only known method to destroy fat in a way that makes sure it will never come back again And THAT is what really changed my life Because its not like I never managed to lose weight after I had my babies Which means every time I went on a diet I actually ended up fatter than when I star[…]
Fat Cell Killer

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